High $ Monday Night

     Well, actually it wasn’t as high $ as I thought it would be.  I thought there were a couple of really good buys in Helms buck sale.  Lot 1 and lot 3 were steals at those prices.  $22,000 is not cheap and I’m sure the buyer is puckered up about having to write that check, but that was a good buy.  

     Poe’s sale went REAL well.  I only got a couple of them bought.  I never even bid on that one.  He got high in a hurry.  One of the biggest problems of having an online sale is waiting for people to pick the goats up.  Old Poe Cat took care of that crap.  He delivered several head to my house last night, within hours after the sale.  Of course, he is going on vacation later this week and wanted to take care of business ahead of time.  Not at all bad.  

     Throw in Pfeiffer’s doe sale and it was kind of wicked trying to click from one sale to the other.  Just another day in the goat world.