I’ve got something to say.  But I don’t remember what it is.  Had a guy, that has me beat by a few years, tell me that the memory is the first thing to go.  Then, he told the second thing.  But I don’t remember what it was.  

I’ve noticed, that when I get off the phone, I sometimes think,  “Wow, I bet that I sounded like an @.#$!”  At least in real life, the other party can tell if I’m meaning to sound like an ass or not.  

We tried to breed several does back in July.  Most didn’t come in heat.  A couple didn’t stick.  But, we moved one into the kidding barn tonight.  It is a bit early, but some are saying that it is supposed to get butt-ass cold the rest of the week.  This mating is a “planned gamble”.  Not sure if it will work or not.  But it was just one of those deals that I had to try.  Notice the I not We.  We might have a great one or maybe something to help a sale barn collect a commission.  It’ll work or I will wish that it would have.  

Hey!!!  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.