Here’s What I Know

This should be a short blog post, cuz I don’t know much.  Just ask the Dragon Lady.  But I do know that good goats will sell real good.

I do know that anybody that wants to ACTUALLY work at helping sell goats (washing, clipping, photoing, etc) will make money.  I can clip, photo, etc.  I DON’T want nor like to do it.  It is money well spent to hire good help.  Anytime you readers need help, do like Blondie and Call Me.  I will gladly help hook you up with people that will do it RIGHT. Of course, I am partial to our homegrown talent of Braden and Duke, but people, I have dealt with a lot of these, and will gladly help hook workers up with work to be done.  In some lines of business, this is called a pimp, except I ain’t getting nothing out of it.  Hopefully, some will repay me down the road.

I do know that good livestock people always sell stock.  Maybe not get rich kind of money, but make money and keep product moving.  Hope they get a good home and therefore a repeat buyer.  This smoke & mirrors crap that goes on just don’t work for me.  I do know that those sales that are BS kind of stuff (yeah, we covered it to 6 grand or whatever, but it didn’t change hands kind of deal NEVER pay off in the long run).  It doesn’t work for anybody.

The Banners and Backdrops sale went real well.  The top end of the does were WICKED!  And they sold real well.  Milligan’s Diana was an all time great.  She sold to Jan Rogers in Colorado.  The reserve doe was a product of Jason Barnes.  This little chick was WICKED AWESOME!  I know her new home and am happy for them.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I hate does.  And I don’t like spending money on does.  But even I was trying to get mentally geared up to spend some jack.  Luckily, other people were thinking harder than I was.

The bucks sold too cheap.  But, they all sold.  An Oregon phone buyer owned the grand buck.  These bucks will work. I sold one of them and bought a different one.  Both were too cheap.  But, it was real.  They actually changed owners.

The sale was real good.  It takes a lot of help to make these things roll right.  As always, Julie Milligan took care of the paperwork.  Bryan Kennedy, TravASS Schovanec, Tyke Greer, Shane Parli and Erick Ring made things roll.  The quail/fish dinner was AWESOME!!!!!!!!    Lots of kids worked liked sled dogs to help.  Big crowd.  This was a good sale that was REAL!  I would say it was REAL GOOD!

After 4 online sales and 1 live sale in a 2 week period, I can tell  you that here’s what I know……..There are a lot of really good people in this business.

I do enjoy meeting new people.  And people, I get to deal with some of the best.  I love to talk and share experiences with other breeders from across the U.S.   I love it when people want to talk and walk and look.  Dude, it ain’t about the money.  I can run my mouth with the best of them but I am real good at listening.  I do know that much.  And I learn from everybody that I encounter.  Thanks to all buyers and bidders.

There are a lot of people looking for honest help.  There a lot of people willing to spend hard earned money for good goats.  There are a lot of people willing to haul livestock across the county.  There is a strong market for good goats.  The market is flooded on yearling does unless they are wicked good.  There are a lot of people that are sick of dirty pool, getting screwed kind of deals.

Some of you big dogs need to clean this game up….breeders, jocks, judges, etc.  I can’t do it.   I just have a small, profitable 50+ plus head herd of goats.  I don’t have the influence to change the industry. Too many people are getting out of the game because they don’t feel like they have a chance.  Hell, I don’t have a chance, but we’re still at the tables because we are stubborn nor scared of the powers that be in this game.  Duke, Tammy and I are all in.  Don’t bet on us to WIN.  Bet you can dang sure make money on us to SHOW.  We are in it for the production of a stellar kid.  We’ve won more than most but not as much as some.  But our wins are clean and came with no regerts.  I meant no regrets.  ( that is a cool movie deal)   We are good with what our goals have been and are.  That’s what I know.

I know that I personally spend over $100K in this goat industry and have every year for many years.  I’m not talking in feed expenses.  I’m talking in buying actual goats.  I ain’t talking fake crap.  Those are cashed checks.  Ask my accountant. Breeding stock, wethers or doe kids.  I’m going to spend that every year, somewhere.  There isn’t very many more people in the industry that ACTUALLY spend that kind of money in this industry year in and year out.  And that ain’t counting the people that I help.  That is just my dumb ass writing checks.  And only one time did I ask a breeder to wait till next Wednesday to cash that check.   (I bought a buck prospect name Rumour Has It that weekend.)  I will not spend it on smoke and mirrors, politics or bullshit deals. I might buy the wrong one, but it will be my fault.  I will continue to spend this money with reputable breeders and will not spend it for politics, dirty pool or just trying to buy a banner.  I will spend it to help up & coming breeders become successful before I put it on a dirty pool table with a bunch of political mouth breathers that are taking orders from some ass clown that only plays when politics are in play.

This smoke and mirrors crap isn’t good for the industry.  If you are reading this and wondering if it applies to you,  then it probably does.  And if you don’t like it…I have 2 letters in the alphabet for you and the letters F & U come to my mind.  And I will gladly discuss my thoughts at anytime.  Just call me at 580-571-5029.  I will get lots of calls/texts/emails but it won’t be from the crooks.  They will be the ones having a lawyer reading this text to see if they can sue.  Good Luck!  I enjoy talking to lawyers.  Especially when the same party has to have two different lawyers.  My legal address is on the webpage.

I also know that too many people read this crap that I write.  Which means that I am probably right.

Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  I had a great day and am looking forward to the next day.


p.s. I know that I shouldn’t hit publish on this one but…. here it goes….


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