Here we go…..

     and we near the end.  Of several things actually.  For starters, the end of the ag teacher post.  Very few people understand the diversity of this career.  During any given week, an ag teacher is a classroom teacher, FFA advisor, judging coach, speech writer/editor, plant expert, life coach, school/community repairman, welding instructor, multi-species livestock specialist/free veterinarian, travel agent, plumber, food critic, dress code monitor, electrician, community service specialist, bus driver, chef, trailer repair extraordinaire, green house manager, sales expert, fund raiser, chaffeur, livestock show coordinator, banker (while collecting no interest) and the list goes on.  Each community is different and there are so many good ones that excel for their school and community.  The good ones do all of the above while still, hopefully, taking care of stuff at home.

      I’m not one of the good ones, yet this week found me hosting a welder’s rodeo on Wednesday, a bovine reprod lab on Thursday during class, ran home to do chores and check stock, loaded a class of doe kids to take to NOC for a judging contest, ate Enrique’s Mexican in Ponca City, judged livestock on Friday morning, met Mrs. Abbey and swapped out kids and headed to Norman for state speech finals, then home Saturday morning by 3 am.  

       Now, anytime, once I am a couple of hours away, comes the standard phone call that only happens when I leave like this.  I cannot explain how the cows know that I am gone and push fence down to get to the neighbor’s wheat.  I do not know why goats get the shits when I am gone.  They were fine but then…..    Luckily, the Dragon Lady can take care of stuff.  She may not enjoy it but she gets it done.  

       This evening, I will meet up with a trailer to put Next Friday on it in order to head to the East Coast.  This will be the first time in right at two decades that there will NOT be a mature buck on our farm.  Sunday will have 3 different trailers coming to pick up the 4 donor does.  And then that’s it.  Just a pen of weaned goats, a couple of student’s nannies with babies and some yearlings that will go to other breeder’s homes.  Now, I have not said the words “I will never have goats again.”  I’ve said that I need a break.  For how long, I truly do not know.  Maybe it will be a permanent vacation.  This is what I do know about the goat industry.  I have learned this and would like to share this information with you goat enthusiasts.  If I ever want back in, all I will have to do is write a check.  That’s it, it is that damn simple.  

      Memories are about all that I have left of this goat deal.  But, our list makes for a nice bucket list in the goat world.

–Most importantly, we raised our kids through these animals.

–Won a lot of shows and made a LOT of premium sales.  Grands and reserve grands at Tulsa, OYE, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix and numerous state fairs and district shows.  One of my fondest memories was kicking the shit out of the Texans at the Lone Star Elite when that was still a badass show.  

–Raised a pair of bronze medallion OYE wethers.  Numerous division winning does at OYE & Tulsa.  Put together numerous goats that were born at other places that used our genetics and our showmen and feeding advice that won shows all across this nation.  And we were just a small herd with quality, willingness to continue learning, high effort and want to combined with ethics.  We made several large breeders famous.  

–Own brand of feed.  Special K has been around for 10 years.  Didn’t make much money off of it but I saved an ass-load.  Hung big banners with goats eating it.  I can argue that I have been the best at feeding winning wethers without political manipulation or chemical/manual enhancements.  Thanks Mom & Dad. 

–Our own additives.  Once again, no $ but I got what I wanted.  

–Raised numerous $20K bucks.  Raised bucks that sired state fairs & major show banner goats.   

–Sales–First ever online goat sale.  Sold with the cool kids at Friday Night Fever.  Held several live sales–some of those Labor Day sales were legendary.  

–Helped numerous kids and their families.  

–Taught clinics and judged shows in several states.  I probably should have judged more shows when they were asking but I either had animals in that area or wouldn’t clear my calendar.  Oh well. 

–The BEST blog in the industry.  

–Most importantly, made a HUGE amount of friends over the past decade.  However, I pissed some others smooth off.  Eff ’em and feed ’em fishheads!  They weren’t truly friends.  But the rest of you, I love ya!  It’s been fun.  And any of you that read this crap know that FUN is, was and always will be a priority.  

     Speaking of a decade, on this day, TEN years ago on April 24, 2011, the very first Kelln Blog post was made.  And in true ties back to the roots of this deal, I can tell you that we need some rain and some damn sunshine.  These overcast days have not been good for growing grass or wheat.  And last night sucked driving home in a sideways effing wind and rain.  I hate the Oklahoma wind!  Oh…and I hate doe goats.  

     I tried to get the Dragon Lady to finish this deal up.  For some reason, she never would write on this blog.  Reminds of something else to which she always replies “NO!”  Since she wouldn’t write anything.  I’ll finish it up.  

      I’m writing this of a morning, so only orange juice for a beverage.  It’s a new computer, therefore no keys stuck with spilt honey.  Just doesn’t seem right on any account.  AM, beverage of choice and typing on a laptop.

      This is just from my perspective which means that I am right.  You crooked bastard parents/breeders/jocks and political ass-breathing judges better clean this game up.  People are watching.  More importantly, kids are watching.  A damn $ isn’t worth the damage that you sacks of monkey shit are doing to the game.  AND your president, his satanic cronies and all of their dumb-ass political ideologies can all kiss my donkey as well.  And another thing, DO NOT ever ANONYMOUSLY text sellers for more pics and videos!!!  You ass clowns need to put your name on stupid question texts/messages.  There is a special place in hell for you people that do that crap.  Oh, and there are a bunch of lazy, moronic ag teachers out there that give the profession a bad reputation.  And I cannot believe how many people actually read this crap.  All of that pretty well sums it up, I think.  No, as always, I’m right.  It does.   

     It’s now time for me to start my next career which will consist of making ice picks.  And as always, if you have a complaint or problem with me OR you just want to send me some funny or interesting stuff….the # is still 580-571-5029 and the zip code is 73840 if you feel froggy enough to bring it in person.  I’ll always have a bucket, ice chest or gator to sit on and dispense info and swap stories.

Guess what song is playing?


Yep, some old dude singing “My Way!”

Later tonight, I will raise one to all of you.  Cheers!  But most importantly THANK YOU!!!

Here’s to nothing but horseshoes & shamrocks for all of you.  I hope today is a good one and tomorrow is even better.  


Auf Wiedersehen!


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