Here we go

We aren’t the only ones dealing with this weather.  We needed the moisture and here we go.  We got half a foot of sleet on monday–thunder sleet.  Then some snow on Tuesday–thunder snow.  Then today, it rained–and it thundered.  It was still below freezing.  So now…

Just the other day, I thought to myself, “Kelln, you ought to sell that grapple.  U haven’t used it much since the ice storm of ’17.”

Today, as I was pulling limbs off of the electrical lines, I thought “Hey Dumbass!  Don’t sell that grapple.  You are getting ready to need it.”

It is a different feeling stepping onto a glazed-over sleet pack.  It is slick–therefore, heel first.  But you know that you are going to break through the glaze if, at first, you don’t slip, so get your toes ready.  Keep arms up, just for balance.  I had to have looked like an orangatun as I crossed this sheet of coldness.  It is raining now, and 34 degrees.  As long as it doesn’t get colder, we will be fine.  Otherwise, the shitshow that is 2020 continues.  And if the wind gets up……oh snap!  It isn’t going to be fun.  BUT at least I don’t have does having babies right now.  Sucks to be you!

We were going to put CIDRs into some does.  But something about inserting a piece of hormone-infused plastic into a goat twat on a wet, frozen day doesn’t seem like fun.  We will postpone.

Stay warm and keep cool.

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