Here it is

I normally don’t like to go on vacation. You have to find somebody to do chores. You have to make sure stuff is done at work. What happens if something goes wrong? What if an animal gets sick? It is just easier to stay home and do the work yourself.

This year is different. I have been looking for this day for about 8 weeks. I have a meeting at the store this morning, unload fencing supplies and then I am out of here. There will be a river, a water park, BBQ and not much else in my near future. The phone may get to stay in the pickup.

Work has been extremely busy this summer (that is a good thing). Throw in a busy goat schedule, trying to schedule carpet/fencing and moving our operation to the west and this summer has mentally kicked the crap out of me.

Got a guy that is going to stay here while we’re gone. He can take care of all the goats, the dog, the cat and he knows the phone #s to all the local vets if there is a problem. The place will be in good hands. We just have to make sure that there is plenty of Dr. Pepper in the fridge.

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