Here I sit

In the recliner on a fine Thursday night. The Dragon Lady cooked chicken fries, mashed taters & corn. Way good. I had been outside, brush beating some weeds. One downside to getting rain is the weeds that grow. I’ll take the bad to get the good. I was a bit surprised as to how tall some of this ragweed had gotten. Do not forget to try to prevent kidney stones on your show goats. Clean water, keep salt available free choice, feed a proper feed and give them some grass hay at least once a week. We also add Vindicator to our feed. Vindicator has Full Stream in it to help prevent stones. Goats get stones more often than any other show animal. Why you ask? Simply put, because GOD put this animal on Earth to eat the crap that the other animals wouldn’t eat. And here we are trying to feed them corn, alfalfa and soybeans, you know, good stuff. Every feeding time, be checking for signs of stones. As I sit here in the recliner, I am watching an ALL time classic movie. “I think we are going to need a bigger boat.” Yep— JAWS. I cannot imagine sitting in a dark movie house watching this movie back in the 70s. This is a great movie that has stood the test of time. You know something that you don’t see much anymore? Good bathroom wall poetry. I can remember a poem from a wall in a Watonga quick stop back in about ’87. Here I sit all broken hearted, Tried to……. I don’t think that I will finish the rest. I guess everyone just posts their crap on Facebook or Twitter these days. Or on a blog.