One thing about moving is it will cause you to hemorrhage money from your accounts. Pay for this, pay for that, we need this and we need that. And we are still weeks away from actually moving. Might have to sell some goats to help pay for this deal.

On the other hand, I did meet with the fence builder yesterday. I’m going to put up 11 strand barbed wire fence for the outer perimeter. I looked at other types, but I know what I’m dealing with on this fence. The builder wasn’t going to be as high as I thought for taking out old and putting in new.

If you are going to be purchasing fencing supplies, I can save you some time. Just call County Line Supply at Vici. They were cheaper than every place else that I priced and they have everything in stock. Wire, t posts, corners, line posts, braces, gates, nails, steeples, cllips, #9 wire, everything. If they don’t have it, they will get it.

Flooring people are supposed to start on Monday. I’ve already paid for the flooring. But the installers are going to want money. There goes some more money out of that account. Maybe, I need to sell some aluminum cans.

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