Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness my old friend…….Yeah, that song.  No matter what my career choice or location has been, I thrive starting early in the AM.  Just me and the darkness.  Seriously, in the dark.

Wednesday night, I told the kids to leave the shop.  We couldn’t get a deal right.  It was jinxed.  I said, “Let’s all leave and come back with clear minds.”  A lot of these activities that we pursue in class are new to me as well.  There ain’t nothing wrong with learning and working alongside a group of kids.  I don’t do any of the welding but I will help cut, hold and point out problems.  The kids think that I just point out problems.

Thursday morning after I did chores in the dark, I headed to the ag building.  I sat on my stool and stared.  I got the sharpie and a tape measure out and made marks.  An hour later, the experta custodio showed up to do her job.  “Meester KellEn, I no mop today because the kids will just track snow into the classroom and make a mess, if that okay with you?”

That is my signal that there the light is on the way and I need to get ready.

Later in the day, when that crew of freshman got there after school, well….we made progress.  We weren’t in the dark anymore.

I truly believe that sometimes, one needs to be in the dark so that they focus and get rid of all of the peripheral crap that is always going on.  In today’s society, it is hard to be in the dark.  Too much info at the touch of a finger.  Yet, it is SO easy to be in the dark and not know any better.  People, sometimes, you just need to step back, stare into the darkness and realize what could be and what will be.  Simply put, pull your head out of your own ass.

And now, I am on the other end of this day, in the dark, typing this drivel.  Yes, in the dark.  And as I hit post, Hysteria is playing, in the dark.  And I can tell you that song is best played in the dark.

Unfortunately, your politicians work in the dark.  Basically, because they have shoved their own heads, up their own butts.  Which in turn, means that they have no light and no common sense.

L/. ,oists new shoes

Have fun, work hard and let’s do this.

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