Hectic Wednesday

Yesterday was a little bit hectic. Work has been extremely busy, which is good. Couple that with judging the NW district speech contest and having an online doe sale, and it was just a little bit crazy. Had to put the phone on the charger a time or two in order to make it through the day. I had my phone shut off during the speech contest, which was over about 7 pm. Lots of texts and voicemails to reply to when I turned that puppy back on.

Thanks to all who purchased or bid on goats. Had a lot of interest from several states.

As far as the speech contest goes, I had the honor to judge the animal science division. Top to bottom, 1 though 10, this was the deepest division of speakers that I have ever judged at a district contest. All speeches were memorized and well presented. The top 4 could all easily place in the top 5 at state. Really good speakers. The other two judges and I all agreed.


Make arrangements with Milligan to pay for and pickup doe kids from me. My does are at Perry. Easy to get to for easy pickup.

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