It stays hectic around here.  But, we did make time to eat a wicked good ribeye dinner on Monday night.  It was good just to sit and chill a bit.  I don’t watch much basketball.  I used to when it was actually basketball.  However, I did watch the national title game.  Tammy was excited as Duke and I watched this basketball game with her.  First, I wanted Tech to win.  Second, I had watched Tech play Gonzaga.  They actually played defense and hustled and worked.  It was basketball.  It wasn’t just a screen here, dribble, dribble dribble, isolation play, shoot, long rebound, walk to the other end, dribble, dribble, dribble, alley oop, dunk, walk to other end.  Lots of hustle and effort from both teams.

At times, I feel like the goat industry has turned into a modern basketball game.  A few elite deals can take over.  A bunch of bouncing balls around with some just standing around waiting their turn.  Then the refs just decide not to make any calls and let them roll.  Then, there is a whole lot of work, pimping, fitting and posing, just to get one good picture at a backdrop.   I don’t know, I started down this path without any actual plan of what I was going to write and here is where we are.  I apologize.

I have some AI bred does that WERE due Sunday.  I am ready for them to do their thing.


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