Online pig auctions make my head hurt.  Cattle sales are almost as bad.  You better be prepared for HOURS of extended bidding time.  EVEN the big name breeders–almost no bidding until closing time, then let’s sit around and submit bid here and there.  Hunt and peck.  Bid here, outbid there, move and bid there, OWWWW–damn!  I would say that they are a waste of time, until I realized that I just bid on a wicked gilt (not cheap), while I was waiting on a barrow to close.  Wait?! What?!  I don’t even need a gilt.  She was just too cheap.  

The OYE gilt sale will make a person think about feeding for that sale.  Those things bring a pile of cash.  And then they have proven to go on and breed for their new owners.  

However, the OYE doe show and sale has proven to be a train wreck over the past decade.  Why?  Because almost all of them were a borrowed-damn deal.  Buy back–not actually for sale–therefore it does not help the industry.  

I don’t like the rent-a-doe deal.  These “customers” actually put ZERO dollars into the industry.  They borrow the doe, show it and return it and then hope for a better one next year.  On the flip side, a wether buyer will buy the best one for their budget.  Work it, show it and when they win with it, they will come back and buy equal value or spend more next year, thus helping the ACTUAL sale of goats.  The lease doe deal.  Nope.  If they don’t win, they go to a different breeder and look for a BETTER borrowed doe. No money changes hands.  

Sure, I get the whole learning project deal.  But let’s get real.  

The only value that a breeder sees out of loaner does–they get the doe fed for free.  Which means that it was probably mis-managed and won’t breed next year.  Especially if it was a “really ” good feeder.  I’ve got another head-ache.  Have I mentioned that I like wether shows better.  And I like live pig sales better.  

I was looking forward to getting kicked by a mule in KC, but NO!  Some people have other obligations.  I respect that, but am holding all parties accountable.  Whether it is a Nebraskan or a Hoosier, there are prices to be paid with interest for not being in attendance at KC.  Now, as Duke informs me, he and his crew want to attend 2 haunted houses.  Comstock might need to be there to help me.