He was right

      Kind of!  Wednesday was a pretty busy day.  Duke and I had extremely good help here getting goats washed, sheared and photoed.  Then others showed up to look at goats.  Then it was time to get chores done.  Tammy and I were on the gator when the neighborhood security system showed up.  AKA–Johnny File.  Johnny said, “You know it’s getting ready to blow 40 mph and hail watermelon size hail.  Are you ready?”  

     What?!  The news didn’t say anything about that.  He said, “The OKC news won’t but Amarillo news said its a coming.”

      Well, he was kind of right.  We didn’t get any hail.  But we did get 80+ mph winds and after surveying the wreckage, we’re pretty sure that there was some cyclonic activity.  We’ve got big trees down, things shifted around in odd directions, lost a little bit of the big machine shed roof, a few wierd marks in the house roof, wood fence down, stock trailers blown around (not hurt though), etc.  But other than a mess to clean up.  It’s all good.  It could be worse.  Stock was all good.

      On a positive note, the open does really like eating the leaves off of the broken limbs.  3 loads hauled, several more to go.  

      Now, about the rest of my day.  The A/C in the house quit working.  At least it isn’t hot out.  Got it fixed.  The last puppy died.  All I have to show for that deal is a vet bill. I dumped a ton of feed sideways off a pallet.  And I’ve got a first time doe thinking about labor, but she won’t dialate.  However, we got another 1/2″ of rain last night.  We are now up to 3″ for the past week/year, however you want to figure it. 

      One thing about my favorite neighbor, he is normally right.  And he tells me that if you want to win a big show, regardless of species, then you’ve got to cut one to do it.  “In order to get a banner, you’ve got to cut their bag off.”

     P.S. I didn’t get to make it to Kris Black’s cattle sale this past weekend.  But that’s okay as Johnny filled me in as to what brought what and went where.  And I’m sure he was right.