I’ve hauled a lot of different things over the past decades.  I’ve hauled ass before.  And I have the driving awards from numerous states to prove that I was hauling ass.

I’ve also literally hauled ass before.  We have a really fun story of hauling an ass for Grandma Katherine Urban.  Somewhere, I have a picture of that donkey delivery.

I’ve delivered a puppy from Shattuck to Phoenix which in turn headed to Tucson and then to it’s forever home in Minnesota.  I’ve hauled an ass load of ostriches back in the early 90s.  We loaded a trailer load of pigeons from south of Stillwater and hauled to Billings.

Hogs, cattle, sheep, goats and horses….countless.  And I’m not in the paid for hauling livestock business.

I have dealt with the OG livestock hauler. He is helping a friend of ours get into the business.  Tonight, we loaded a goat headed to Colorado and a goat headed to Arkansas.  Last week, I put 2 different goats on 2 different trailers headed into Texas.  Animals are moved from coast to coast and border to border.

Today, I got up and did chores (I even drenched doe goats..miserable) and then left the house by 6 AM.  I hauled ass to Crescent, OK and loaded 70 cocks.  Well, actually not cocks.  It’s just funner to say that instead of saying that we loaded 70 coming year old Cinnamon Queen laying hens.  I’ve never loaded and then hauled 70 chickens before today.

We brought this load of biddies back to Ellis county and distributed to several families in Shattuck, Arnett and Fargo.  As a bonus, we gathered 11 eggs out of the trailer.  It was all kind of fun.

Hamburger prices are sky-rocketing.  Hard to get a kill date until 2021.  Vegetable plants & seeds are sold out.  People, this is stupid but yet it is great.  I’m all for the rest of the world learning where their food originates.

I do not know if this is part of the evil plan or a kick-back result that they did not see coming.  Trust me, I’m not that smart.  As we move forward with the covid/corona BS, I hope that the general public continues to want fresh meat, gardens and hens that are laying eggs.  From an Ag-Ed perspective, this is what we were supposed to be teaching all along.  I like it.

As he left the house tonight, Uncle Jim made the statement, “Keep us safe from pelosi.”  Coming from one of the smartest people that I will ever know, I think that I will leave that comment in it’s own standing to close out this blog.

“Keep us safe from pelosi.”

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