Here at the Kelln Kompound on this fine Friday evening, we got to witness not one but two, rainbows.  Side by side.  Seeing two rainbows at the same time makes me happier than a billy goat with two p……!

      I actually have been laughing so hard that I have shed tears.  Yes, I’ve been back on youtube watching Robin Williams’ stuff.  Hats off to the Jimmy Fallon tribute.  I’m not a huge Jimmy Fallon fan but he dang sure knows how to honor his mentors/predecessors.  The Norm MacDonald string of tweets describing his first meeting of Robin Williams is classic.  Find this string of tweets–I think the CHIVE has it on there.  Kela emailed the list to me.  It is WAY GOOD!  But then, I watched Robin Williams with Carol Burnette.  OMG!  How good are you when you can shake the queen of comedy off of her game.  That stuff is classic.  She’s as good as they come at physical comedy and this guy could crack her up.  This dude made Carol Burnette, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Steve Martin laugh.  Simply put, this guy was the best ever at his craft.  There are very few people that can claim a title like that.  He could.  

      I know this might seem like a redundant blog.  It is.  But I would way rather give somebody a chance to be in a good mood and watch some funny stuff that they hadn’t seen before versus the crap that is on current tv or news.  Obama, Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, whatever the heck is going on..sometimes seems like some bad crap stirred up by the media and the POS governments.  Between CNN, FOX and the rest of the manipulative media, I could give 2 squirts of goose $h!t about any of it.  I never met Robin Williams, but at least he made me laugh, made me think, made me think about what I was laughing at, made me feel what I was laughing about, made me think about what I was feeling and go  “Wow, that is one smart son-of-a-gun.”   The latter part is something that I haven’t thought about our “elected” officials in a LONG time.   

     On another “positive” note, it has been shark week on the Discovery Channel.  That whole deal of South African great whites jumping out of the water to nail a seal is way cool on video and would be way NOT cool in real life.  “Colossus” hitting the dummy seal is killer cool.  On TV–cool.  Real life–I’m out. 

      My wife, amongst others, give me crap about how I can get engaged watching animals.  Well let me tell you people a thing or twelve.  If I had a channel of Koalas just being Koalas…you would watch.  Maybe not as much as I would, but you would watch.  Polar bears being polar bears….you would watch.  Hereford calves in green pastures on video.  Always cool.  We all love watching piglets and puppies.  A show that just played baby goats being baby goats, well hell, the whole world would watch and be happy.  We, as goat producers, missed our chance at a blockbuster movie—Robin Williams narrating a movie of baby goats being baby goats.  Think about it.  If we were smart, we would form a goat check-off to promote goats and, we would now hire Frank Caliendo to do a voice-over of a goat movie.  I know..I’m retarded.  But at least I’m the one writing this stuff and not the one reading it.  

     I never heard Robin Williams imitate a goat.  But I do remember laughing my donkey off when Adam Sandler did a routine about a goat.  Google that.  Send the kids to the other room if you do.  

     Here’s to hoping that you can see 2 simultaneous rainbows in LA, even if it’s just in pictures from OK.  Horseshoes, Shamrocks, Lucky Charms (that’s some good cereal) and Rainbows.  If it gets much better around here, I’ll be riding a unicorn instead of a gator.  

     Dammit Duke!  Run faster.  Catch that leprechaun!