Hall of Fame

     The major league baseball hall of fame elections were announced today.  There was discussion as to whether John Smoltz would get elected.  I thought he would and he did.  He was too good of a pitcher for too many years in various roles to not get elected.  I liked watching Smoltzy pitch.  But I really liked using him back in 1989-90 on the Nintendo game RBI 3.  He was unhittable.  I won several bets playing that game when I had the controls and Smoltzy was on the mound.  Big fun.

    After doing chores tonight, I have come to the realization that if doing a flush, I HIGHLY recommend using your own, home raised recips.  I don’t like does, but I really don’t enjoy bad attitude, destructive, uncooperative recips that you wouldn’t have on your place otherwise.  And for Spanish recips….pick a four letter word.  Not just one word, string several together.  The word that I am thinking of is DONE.  As in, I am done with these Spanish recips and done with any in the future.  Flushing is a gamble, but when you throw in some misery for 8 weeks or so, it is not worth it.

    Did I mention that Duke got a crossbow for Christmas?  We need some decent weather to sight it in.