Hall of Fame

   I had the pleasure of attending the CareerTech summer conference in Tulsa.  This is a conference for all teachers in the careertech system.  I’ve never enjoyed going to this conference.  Almost everything about summer conference could be handled in 1 or 2 quasi-short emails.  But, they still have it.  I guess it’s good for Tulsa’s hotels and restaurants and other type places.

     But, you do get to see some comrades and others that you don’t see on a regular basis.  You also get to see some in a whole new light. I did enjoy the DJ’s shrimp boil.  Of course, any time there is a free shrimp dinner, I’m all in.  

    One of the highlights of summer conference is the Retiring Ag Teacher speeches.  Some come to speak and get their watch, while others don’t bother.  Some of these speeches are hilarious, some forgettable and some are inspiring.  None the less, they are entertaining.  For the past several years, they also induct a retired ag teacher into the Oklahoma Ag Teacher Hall of Fame.  This year’s inductee was Mr. Larry Brady who taught at Balko, OK.  Truly a great one.  I first got to know him in 1986 when I was in high school showing a pig that was sired by his boar “Harry”.  There are numerous “great one” stories that involve Mr. Brady as he raised and showed numerous champion porcine projects.  The most famous story is the one about “Arnold”, the little runt pig that he raised and a student of his got from him that ended up being the grand barrow at OYE in 1992.  I still see Mr. Brady a couple of times a year, but I did enjoy seeing he and his family as he recieved this honor.  A true Hall of Famer in every sense of the word.  

Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  I know that I am thankful that the A/C is working as the thermometer is currently reading 106.  Be like Fonzie and “stay cool”.