Hail YES!

A year ago, on the Saturday evening of Memorial Day weekend, we got a little rain with softball sized hail.  This year on the monday night of Memorial Day weekend, we got an inch of rain and the ground was covered with pea size hail.  It didn’t damage much but it did destroy the garden plants and Tammy’s flower beds are shredded.  There is now water in the ponds.  The rain gauge only had an inch in it but when combined with the melting hail, water went to running.

The buck pen across the road got hit the hardest.  A flash flood moved through it as it swept panels down and water ran up and into the big green army self feeder.  That was fun cleaning that out.  The water tank in that buck pen was swept downstream and was floating in the pond about an 1/8 mile east of the pens.  Cool.  Duke and I picked up the panels, drove new posts and got things back in order.

All of the goats stayed dry, the calves are all good.  Tammy even had one born right after the storm went through.

We have been seeing a lot of quail pairs.  I fear that this hail may not have been good for them.

I have been trying to stay in a better mood when dealing with does.  This has not worked.  I have a set of does due in June.  I fear that they will have doe kids.  Why?  Because there are currently 38 baby goats around this place right now.  Only 12 of them are bucks.  I would rather raise and sell bucks and wethers.

It is going to green up around here.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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