I got hacked!! Kelln Livestock got hacked by some dang computer hacker.  I think the chinese national’s hacked me.   I had been getting a lot of spam emails that involved chinese letters.  I couldn’t read them, otherwise, I might have known that I was getting ready to get hacked.  Why would the chinese hack Kelln Livestock?  Well, there is lots of great information dispensed on this website and they wanted a piece of it.

     Irregardless of whomever hacked me, at least they didn’t hack into something more important than this useful blog.  For those concerned readers that asked “Are you mad and you quit your website?” or to those who asked, “Milligan finally had enough of your shit and pulled the plug on you didn’t he?”  The answer is no and no.  Julie has us back up and running and Kelln Livestock has a clean bill of health.  

     Speaking of getting hacked.  Who hacked into the weather for the past couple of weeks?  It has been unseasonably cool and some are wet.  We got 1.3″ last night.  Others have had over 10″ in the past week.  No complaints.  A year ago, it was about 110.  Today, 92 and humid with mud.  I’m fine with it.  


Stay flexible, but not limp!  Have a good day.