It wasn’t the Chinese this time.  It was some perverts. got hacked and they made their own email from email account.  Whoever did it, sent out some pretty serious requests.  (You know it’s pretty graphic if I think that it was bad!) I would at least like to know if the recips of these hacked emails were hot chicks or not.  But now, thanks to Julie Milligan, we are like Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN2–We are back and better than ever!

It has been wicked busy around here in paradise.  We have managed to miss most of the rains that have passed through.  We have caught .5 inches in the past week. Ten miles to the west, north and east have recieved from 3-5 inches.  Go south and they have gotten really wet.  We no-tilled a few acres of triticale and are now waiting to drill the rest.  On that note, if you ever hook up to a gooseneck seed-tender, make DANG sure that you lock the hitch.  It is a quick motion that knocks the back glass out of a pickup.  I don’t even have anybody to blame it on.  

Duke’s cattle operation has been expanding.  But, not without a setback or two.  Sunday morning found Duke and I with a set of pulling chains.  I realized that I wasn’t going to get this one out, even though their was room.  The calf was backward and twisted.  So, we loaded the heifer up and headed over to the local experts.  When John and Johnny said that it was a problem, we got on the phone and went to calling vets.  Now, getting a vet on a Sunday around Noon is not an easy deal anymore.  A semi-retired vet buddy of mine came and said what we were thinking, “C section”.  We then loaded up and headed to Shattuck.  Dr. Prather is one of the best cattle reprod vets in this part of the world.  We didn’t save the calf, but the cow is fine.  The calf was not that big, there was room to work, but it just wasn’t coming out.  Oh well.  Duke is living part of the FFA creed–the joys and discomforts part.  Of course, I am not looking forward to the bill.  But, that is part of it. And the joy part is looking at the calves that he has on the ground.  Another part of the joys is having good help.  Duke has some serious backers watching over this cattle operation.  John and Johnny are wicked good neighbors.  

I did not enjoy seeing the news that Gene Wilder passed away.  Young Frankestein, Willy Wonka and of course, the Waco Kid.   Oh my!  This dude played a role in some of the funniest movies of all time.  I know that Richard Pryor is considered one of the funniest dudes of all time, but I don’t think of him without thinking of Gene Wilder.  Stir Crazy, Silver Streak and See No Evil, Hear No Evil.  That pair made some funny cinematography.  We lost a great one.  I don’t need a reason to watch Blazing Saddles, but I am feeling the urge.  

Speaking of out there.  Our favorite daughter just returned from some travels.  Not a “race” trip.  Just a Kela trip to South Africa.  This chick is off the hook.  She walked with penguins.  Took a pic of a restaurant window that asked the question, “How do penguins taste?”.  And she went scuba diving in a shark cage with great whites swimming around it.  Her mother and I are glad that we hear about it AFTER the fact.  The term–Living the Dream–comes to mind.  

Oh, and Tammy changed jobs this week.  She took a job with High Plains Career Tech in Woodward.  They gained a wicked good employee.  Several oilfield companies gained an opportunity to pick up some business now that they don’t have to compete with her.  

And in the goat world, we had some travelers here from up north this weekend.  I sold a really good set of proven does to Wyoming.  And I mis-priced a brick-handling doe kid to Nebraska.  They were smart enough to take advantage of my head up my donkey moment.  I wish them all luck.  I don’t want to just cash a check.  I want them to improve their herd(s) and I like it when they come back.

Labor Day is rapidly approaching.  There will be a few wethers that will play some serious ball.  This sale has produced some good ones for a fair price.  This year should not be any different.  As long as this page doesn’t get hacked again, I will have plenty of info to spew about the upcoming sale and the goats that will be there.  Check out the banner on for the Best of the West sale.  All of the breeders involved are bringing a good one.  Well, I haven’t seen Schneberger’s.  He might bring a great one?

Have a good day and a better tomorrow!