Guard Animals

Anybody in the sheep or goat industry understands the value of a guard animal.  Here at Kelln Livestock, we have a GARP–Goat And Ranch Protection.  He is a neutered 7/8 Pyr & 1/8 Komondor male.  He is a DGD–Dang Good Dog.  I have seen the use of llamas, donkeys and really mean dogs.  In some cases, all of the above are needed.  However, today, I saw a first.

If you know me, then you know that I love a good story.  And this crappy blog will never do justice to being a witness to this event.  But, I have a story.  How good?  Decades from now, the kids that I was hauling today may not remember why we were near Quitquae, TX, BUT they will always remember the Attack Chicken.

So, I hauled a pickup load of dang good kids to some CDE contests on this butt-ass cold Saturday.  We first traveled to Clarendon College.  We left there and headed to Turkey to eat lunch.  We had about an hour and a half spare time before the next contest started at the Valley School.  I told the kids, “Hey, I know a guy near here.  Let’s go look at some goats.”  They asked, “Does he have more goats than you?”  I explained that I have 50 does and this dude has 850.  “WHAT? Are there babies?”

Now, we pull into this piece of goat heaven.  The owner is not there.  I call him and he is gone delivering a sold goat.  I make sure that it is okay for the kids to walk through some young goats and nannies.  Of course, he says yes.  This is where the fun begins.

I love this pen at Helms.  I have so many stories from this pen.  First time that I saw JO86 (now I40), first time I saw Rumour Has It, Braden’s OYE grand goat, Bree’s lone star elite wether, Vanilla, people taller than Helms or I walking into the overhead electric fence, JBone, etc. etc. etc.  were all in this pen.  But, this was wicked fun!

While in this pen of about 30, 40 or 50 nannies with two week old babies, one of the girls is trying to pet the llama on the other side of the fence.  I’m on the phone.  The other kids are petting baby goats.  All of a sudden there is a squawking, yelling and running–all of which stemmed from a sophomore girl.  I first thought that the llama had spit on her.  NOPE!  She had been attacked by a chicken.  Pecked her in the shin.  “It dead-legged me.  I thought a momma goat had hit me in the shin.  Like a bowling ball was thrown at me!”  Her words.  Drama.

At this point, goats were moving.  I spied a cool little one.  I’m now trying to read an ear tag.  Actually, I’m trying to catch the goat, then read the tag as I am loading him and we’ll see if that Helms dude even misses him.  And the kids (humans AND goats)  all take off running.  This rooster is chasing them again.  He ran them right out of the pen and back to the pickup.  One of the girls even took video as she was running from this Battle Rooster.  The commentary on the video from the kids is awesome.  I loved one of the comments, in a Hispanic accent “Crazy Chicken”.  I cannot do justice to this story.  You have to know the kids, the facilities, my mentality, the weather….you just had to be there.  And I was dang glad that I was.

Irregardless of the chicken attack, this was a fun day.  We were treating this day as a workout and we got to see lots of stuff at two different contests that are way more in depth than what we see in OK.  There were PILES of people in Clarendon for this contest.  The Valley contest was well ran.  And it is very apparent that a lot of Texas schools will spend some jack to paint a school activity bus.  They were fun to look at.

We were in this pickup of mine, with me driving, of a morning, with my music.  A kid or two were asleep in the back seat.  About 7:00 am this morning, we stopped at Shamrock.  I went in to get me a Mountain Dew.  Came back out.  A freshman boy had awoke from his slumber.  “I feel like I was dreaming that I have been to a rock concert.”  Yes, yes you had.  Just not a live show.

And now that I am home.  I have a lot of thoughts.

1–Dang people!  I had a fun trip today.  Great kids.

2–WTH?  No Dairy Queen in Clarendon or Shamrock?  I thought every TX town with more than 500 people HAD to have a DQ.

3–Remember the story of me loading a goat into the back seat of a Cadillac?  That story ain’t crap compared to the one I read about today.  #dealertags#100poundbuck#beinthenewsuburbanovernighteatingoutofthefloormats#WTH?  I really don’t understand the pound signs or hash tags but just trying to be cool.

4–How did that damn Helms know that he needed a Fightin Chicken to keep me from stealing that goat?  He didn’t know that I was going to be anywhere near the greater Turkey/Quitiquae metropolitan area.

5–If he can train a chicken like that, why is he raising goats?

And don’t shit yourself.  I may not be as good as I once thought I was.  But when it comes to spying a young prospect, in sub-par conditions—yeah, I like my chances.  I may only have one good eye but I read that tag#.


If any of you had a day half as good as I did, well then, you had a DGD!  Peace out and have a great one.  I did. and do.



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