Greatest Ever?!

I got off the tractor on Saturday afternoon.  I made a sandwich and turned on the tube.  The greatest movie ever made was just starting–The Godfather.  I watched 2 hours of it.

I have seen pieces and parts over the past couple of decades but I have never seen it in entirety. Then on Sunday afternoon, it was on again.  I caught the last two hours of it.  I have now seen all of it.  And I now have an opinion on the subject.

There is a reason that The Godfather is considered to be the best movie of all time.  Great story, great actors, well placed, cool music.  That movie is almost as old as myself.  It has held up to the test of time.  Great movie.  I have very few arguments with it being at the top of a lot of lists.

Then, Duke and I started cleaning the kidding barn.  I found a snake. Just a bull snake. Duke then found the same snake.  He might have a skid mark in his shorts.

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