Great Americans

     I routinely find myself surrounded by great Americans.  No, I don’t hang out with very many dignitaries, politicians or celebrities.  We just do our own thing.  Which is way more fun.  And those that are around us tend to have a large time as well.  Yesterday, I decided to fire up the smoker.  Pork loin and ribs along with some sausages.  Tammy made some sides and texted some people.  The super bowl was on, but we weren’t watching.  We were listening to stories.  Tyke and his tribe were here along with not one, but TWO Gaisford boys.  Those boys go to work, then go to some other side job, find a free meal and are always ready to volunteer to put out a fire if need be.  Yeah, they like a good time.  But they are great Americans.  We had another great American hanging with us.  He and I were basically telling stories that we already knew the ending, but dang it’s fun.  Brandon the Bruce is another one that will always help anybody.  He and his wife are workers that take care of their kids, help others and will do anything that is needed for anybody that asks.  Heck, they’ll even apologize if they don’t think that they helped enough. There are a lot of other names that I could list.  Every town has them–Great Americans.  These are the kind of people that make our world go round.  They work hard, play hard and help others.  These are the kinds of people that the news should be airing stories about.  

       Here’s a raised glass and a wish full of shamrocks and horseshoes to all the Great Americans that make this deal work.  Cheers.