Gran Torino

     I’ve been told that I would really like this movie. I didn’t argue as Clint Eastwood is in it.  There would be a really good chance that I would really like it, or at least like it.  I finally watched it tonight.  It’s still an ugly car, but that is a dang good movie.  I love the acting, the story line, the ending, and all of the crap in between that makes a great story.  

     I know that this movie is over 4 years old, but I don’t rent movies and I don’t like to start watching a potentially great movie after it has already started.  I would never start reading a book on page 37 or so.  Therefore, I want to start a movie at the first.  However, once I see a movie, I can start watching it at any point and be just fine.  I didn’t get to see Unforgiven when it came out back in 1992.  Over the next twenty years, I would see that it was on a channel as I was flipping through them, but I wouldn’t watch it.  It only took me until 2012 to see this movie from start to finish.  It was worth the wait.  Dang good movie.  

     I don’t have any goat knowledge for anybody today.  I only know that Duke has a broken hand and is recovering from pinkeye.  The wrestling season is over.  His mom was exercising goats for him.  I said, “You know, you lead a goat with your right hand.  You’re left hand has the cast.  You could do that yourself.”  He said, “Yeah.  I know.  But I will take the help when I can get it.”  The pinkeye will be fine by tomorrow.  I think the hand will be fine shortly.  Maybe there will be some good movies on tv on a fine Sunday evening.


p.s.  I like Clint Eastwood movies.  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is an all time great.  But my favorites are when he played Philo Beddoe in Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can.  “Right Turn, Clyde.”  The grandma was killer funny.  Those were crap movies but I love them.  The black widows, an ugly chick and an orangutan–that has to be a great movie recipe.  


p.s.s.  I also like it when old, accomplished actors quit playing roles and just play themselves in different movies.  They play the same role, just in a different setting.  John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, etc.  Makes for good movies when somebody knows what works and they don’t care what critics/directors/producers/financer think(s).  And a lot of times, they are the director/producer/financer at this point.

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