Grab Bag of Positivity

Because I used the word Positivity in the title is proof that I am NOT watching the debate.  And if you watched it, you would have been better off flushing a toilet and watching the circling, quasi-submerged items.

Happy thoughts!!   Happy thoughts!!    Rewind 3 weeks ago and I was involved in a bit of an accident where 2 students were riding a 3 wheeler with no brakes and the throttle stuck.  Penny luck and somehow, by the grace of GOD, both boys are now back in Shattuck.  The boy that was driving came to see me at the ag building today.  People, I have been in a good mood ever since.  He’s planning on coming back to school tomorrow.  When this deal happened, all I wanted is for both boys to walk away from this accident.  I’m still gathering pennies and things look good.   Real good!

Speaking of positivity, when this accident happened, everybody was serious and taking care of business.  Once, we were told that both boys would be fine, the mood lightened.  Several of us were cleaning up the mess, the law was there taking care of paper work and Tammy was standing on the street curb with Mrs. Abbey.  A local city worker showed up with his little mutt dog.  The dog immediately went to licking the blood spot on the street.  Inappropriate!  So, I shooed the dog away.  Then the little dog went to licking the blood and meat spots on the bumper of the pickup.  DAMN DOG!!  Get away!  He ran away from me.

Seconds later, as the Dragon Lady stood there watching, worrying and wondering, she let out a shriek!!!   I, we, all of us turned to look.  WTH?!   That little dog had marched right up to her leg and PISSED all over her ankle.  Tell me GOD doesn’t have a sense of humor!  It was perfect timing.  She stood there pissed off and pissed on.  And in true Dragon Lady fashion, she said, “At least I know that all of you are still capable of laughing.”  Both boys laugh upon hearing this part of their story.  You couldn’t have wrote a better comedic relief for a tragic event.

On another note.  Mrs. Abbey & I took 13 girls to an Outback steakhouse.  As they finished eating, the waiter told me that the cook was nervous about cooking for so many girls.  And he was really proud that they all ordered steaks cooked medium-rare.  Oh, and these girls were still in perfect official FFA dress.  As a teacher/coach, there is nothing quite like hauling a group of well-dressed, well-mannered students.  That meal ticket cost a bit, but it was money well spent.  As much as I like to win, it is always more important to let a student have a new experience.  They need to have a chance to do something, eat something different than they can get in Shattuck, America.  To me, Duke and the rest of my crew, the Outback is a routine kind of deal.  But most of these kids had never been to one.

I’ve been working to find Duke a new ride.  This used market is retarded high.  Dang!  Dang!! Dang!!!  New?  Maybe I need a new ride.  But I don’t want a new ride.  Problems.  Real world problems.

Speaking of positive stuff.  I’m always in a good mood when there is some Fleetwood Mac playing.  And, it is hard to move when “Sweet Child o’ Mine” by Guns N Roses starts.  Of course, there are two artists that are timeless.  Everybody, regardless of age or demographics,  knows them and neither are the best singer/artist but dang…….Willie Nelson and AC/DC.  What they do, they do really well.  And have done it really well for decades.


I should probably walk away from the keyboard.  I realize, that the last few weeks, I have been as prolific as a feral sow that has delivered back-to-back-to-back litters of 18 piglets.  Do the math.  It will be good for your brain.

And on a positive note….I’ve spilled a lot of different stuff on this keyboard.  Until now, I have never before dropped pizza sauce from a Little Sleazer’s pizza.  I bet it isn’t as sticky as the honey from years ago.



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