Good Stuff

I’ve had several calls the past week or two wanting to know what to use to add some cover to their wethers.  There are several options that we like to use.  1–Up the GO juice.  2–Glu-Coat–the cattle glu-coat.  This stuff will help appettites and will add cover.  Better be careful because too much will get them spongy.  3–High Noon brand Shine Em Up.  Used heavily in the sheep ring.  It will add cover.  It’s all good stuff.

The Shattuck FFA was happy to host part of the Oklahoma FFA State Officer team on this fine day.  It was a really good program.   I was very mpressed with the State officers but even more impressed with the Shattuck officers.  These kids planned, prepared and operated the program today.  Any day that you have good kids doing good stuff–well it’s just good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff.  Right now on the tube, the great movie Shrek is airing.  That is a well written movie.  It has a message, action, adventure, love story and a whole helping of comedy.  Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy absolutely killed their roles in this flick.  Although, I won’t say that this is my favorite movie, it is dang good and I wouldn’t argue with anybody that says that it is the best ever.  Kela about wore this movie out when she was young.  Although, I think she did wear out a vcr tape or two of the Eddie Murphy hit Dr. Dolittle.  That kid loved watching that movie.  

I’m going to kick back and watch the rest of Shrek.  I will be in a good mood.  


And the main song from Shrek is “I’m a believer.”  The Monkees had a huge hit with this song.  But it was written by the great Neil Diamond.  He just had a birthday this week.  It is a little known fact that I am a Neil Diamond.  My favorite–“Sweet Caroline”.