Good Stuff Saturday

We are going to start with agriculture and sports and then end with agriculture and sports.  But, not necessarily in that order.  Get it?  Me either.

I actually had nothing scheduled for Shattuck FFA stuff on this weekend.  Thank goodness.  Needed a break.  That lasted until noonish when I got a text about a pig breathing hard.  I went to the ag farm and doctored a pig.  Dang, draxxin is expensive!  I’ve been working harder than an ugly stripper.  For some reason, that reminds me of a story that involves Fred Slater and Tommy Milligan.  I’m not sure why, but it does.

Speaking of Shattuck FFA.  I had made a deal with a group of seniors.  Duke–“Can we win these state fair sweepstakes.”  Me–“Yes, if you clowns set a goal and work right.”  Them–“What do we get if we win an ag mechanics contest?”  Me–“Crappy plaque or two.”  Them–“No rings?”  Me–“One, if you want a ring, go play football.  They are going to gather another one this year.  Two, none of you clowns would ever wear a ring.”  Them–“What about a buckle?”  Me–“Hunh?!  Cool.  Win it and I will buy. ”

Now–I am out a smooth grand and am happy to have done it.  If Duke would have decided to play football, at this point, I would have been out the same money and he would be nothing but a role player.  And he wouldn’t hardly ever wear the huge rings that they order.  Now,  I have a fired up son and a bunch of other kids that are amped.  I may be dumb but I’m smarter than your dumb. Dang, that sounds stupid.  Talk crap and we we are on to the next deal that you haven’t yet or probably won’t win.  We will. Money well spent.  Lets make t-shirts.   They are cheaper.

Arrogant?  No.

Confident.  Oh heck yes.


Speaking of buckles, these kids and I researched a crap-load of buckle makers.  We are real pleased with what we ordered.  If you need tips on ordering buckles, give me a holler.

I was going to get up and make a road trip EARLY this morning and get back home.  But, I got sidetracked watching some TV.  ESPN does some phenomenal documentary work.  I watched an E:60 about Deland McCullough’s adoption and the pursuit of his biological parents identities.  Definite, bad donkey, cool story and the power of Karma.  Cool, cool story.

Then I watched another one-back2back–about Declan Sullivan.  U don’t know that name?  Google it.  Excellent story about a tragic loss and how the family handled the loss and are still handling it.  Don’t watch the news networks for good stories.  The sports deal has it going on.

And I finally got my fat ass into the comfortable seat of the High Country and made some miles.  I didn’t go anywhere name brand but dang dude, I stumbled on to something cool.  I like shopping small towns.

I digress, but I am lucky to have grown up in Shattuck and now am a grateful part of that community again.  Shattuck is not one of your dying little towns.  There are numerous restaurants and stores on main st.  Booming–no. Busy–yes.  Lots of community pride.  I love small town life.  The churches and the school are WELL taken care of.  I don’t like to go to Wal Mart.  I try to shop local.  I don’t care if it costs me more.  (see previous posts about buying plumbing parts)  I do a good job of shopping small.

Anyways, I was going through a small Kansas town this morning.  I noticed a store front.  For some reason, I decided to pull a U turn.  Pretty sure that this is not a common occurrence as the 2 locals on Main st. looked at me like “WTH dude?”  But, I am glad that I went to this store.  Crazy cool furniture and art work plus appliances, toys, sporting goods, electronics, etc, etc, etc.  I killed an hour there.  Didn’t buy anything.  But I am going to go back.

When, I got back to Fargo, the fuel mileage calculator said that I had 65 miles worth of fuel left.  So, I pulled into the only store in Fargo and filled up.  They do not have a credit card machine at the pump.  U have to go inside to pay, which resulted in me buying the lunch special for $6.99.  A big dang chili dog with tater tots.  It’s all good when you can get an All Beef chili dog on a cold, windy Saturday.

And while rolling down some blacktop, I did play 2 different Christmas music channels on the XM radio.  Dang dude!  Some of the vocal skills of these singers over the years is unreal.  Bing Crosby made a career out of Christmas songs.  Helluva singer.  How about the voice of Thurl Ravenscroft?  Killer good.  Who?  Check it out.   You will know the song. That dude and his voice may have come years too early.

Since the weather was windy, cold and crappy, I had time2kill this afternoon.  So, I watched one of the college teams that I like to follow.  Just a little no name school called Notre Dame.  They made the #12 team look like an unranked team.  Good deal.

Then it was time for the, as they are now called, Cardiac Cowboys.  Jeeminy, they can be SO bad and then SO good.  How have we beat Texas and WV, dang neart beat the gooners on their field  but couldn’t beat K-State or Baylor.  People, I like it when K Sate and Iowa State win (but I don’t want them to ever beat Okie State)  I don’t ever like Baylor.  WTH?!  This should be a 10 win team but won’t be.

Now, the University of Central Florida is on the tube.  The polls don’t treat UCF very well.  Why?  Because they aren’t part of the establishment.  They better get used to the Golden Knights.  Why?  Location–Orlando.  Recruiting base–Florida.  Enrollment–66,000.   Wait? What?  Alabama–33,000.  Texas–44,000, the u of o in norman, OK–23,000.  People, look up largest universities by enrollment.  UCF is BIG.  Bigger than Ohio State and Texas A&M.  Therefore, they are building an alumni base that will pump dollars into this program.  Miami–done.  Florida State–rebuilding.  Florida–will have it’s moments. UCF.  Watch.  I ain’t wrong.

HUGE props to my alma mater.  THE Oklahoma State University judging teams.  I know some of the individuals.  Only know the rest because of a common connection or three.  That being the Oklahoma State University.  Congrats to the National Champions–Triple Crown Winners.  Equine, Livestock & Meats Evaluation teams.  2018 National Champions.  Damn Impressive!  My thoughts–if only I could have been DECENT at beef yield grading in 1991.

And back to the goat world.  Make dang sure show goats are wearing blankets.  Maybe, several layers. Feed a handful of grass hay–not bermuda–at least, every other day.  Even if you AIed every doe on the place, be prepared for failure.  “Perfection is unattainable.  But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” –Vince Lombardi.  The rest of the quote gets left off for athletic purposes.  “And have a dang good clean up buck at the ready.”

What do pro sports team owners and livestock breeders have in common?  They all look at their end-of-the-year statements and go “DAMN! This shit is expensive.”

I ain’t wrong.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

And sometimes, making a better tomorrow means getting a disappointment off of the feed bill.  That’s a good thing if you are feeding 12 wethers.  Not a good thing if you started with one and nominations were due last week.  Thank GOODNESS for ag mechanics projects at the Kelln Kompound.

I’ve been well behaved for a bit now.  However, I started the day with a dew and ended it with a different dew. My father is now going “WTH?  Why?  I know the ending dew but the morning dew?  Dang it, Debbie!?  Why does your oldest offspring dew this crap?  What in the h$@!!?  Does he mean to make me mad?  I don’t get it?!  Why do I read this crap?”


Exactly.  Why does anybody read this?  Scary.



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