Good Stuff

This one will be short.  I spent Thursday evening with my youngest brother.  I spent Friday with the middle brother.  At any time that you think that I am opinionated….well….you need to meet the other two.  Especially, when we are all together.

I am real fortunate to have two younger brothers.  We are all three different but stronger values, you will not find.  It is not an accident that our parents raised three boys that are all still married to our first wife.  Cheers to mom for the lessons of life but even bigger kudos to dad for lessons learned. Dude, we’ve all got hot wives that are GREAT mothers!  You know what, I’m almost done.  Tammy and I have already successfully raised one kid and we are getting close to the end of another one.  Sit back and watch the rest of these kids. It’ll be good stuff.

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