Good Story

      It is a known fact that I like a good story.  There are those people that never realize a story is going on right in front of them.  While some people do a really good job of witnessing stories, some people live these stories and others just happen to write the script for a good story.  

       Recently, I have had to deal with haircut decisions.  Since 1996, I have had my hair cut by a great American in Waynoka, OK. named Darrel Gosney.  I won’t tell you that I ever had a great haircut, but he had this vacuum hose attached to his clippers. Plus, where else can you go to get a haircut whle talking bulls at Denver, hog shows and all things FFA.  And if the crowd was proper–he had a good joke.  No bad language.  The Barber was also a great supporter of all things kids.  He loved to eat at a concession stand, watch a ball game and support kids at stock shows.  Right before Christmas, The Barber retired.  Duke and I wanted/needed to get there for one last trim, but it just didn’t work out for us.  So, we have had to make adjustments to get our hair adjusted.  I often think of Ray Stevens and his “Haircut Song”.  

Now, comes the good story part.  On his last day of work, Darrel-the Barber-Gosney was directing traffic inside his barber shop.  He was showing the new barber the ropes.  A customer walks in.  Not a regular customer, but a well known individual in those parts.  The customer wanted to redeem his gift certificate for a free haircut before it was too late.  I wish that I would have been there to see this exchange.  

Some of you all in the goat world remember Fred Slater.  Many of you in the ag sector know Fred as he has been involved in showing, judging and supporting FFA for a long time.  He is a mainstay at the Farm Credit of Enid. The words “character”, “Fun” and “Oh $h!t”  come to mind when describing Fred.  No matter what, when Fred is around, times are good.

   Fred Slater showed up to Darrel’s Barber Shop on Mr. Gosney’s last day before starting retirement.  Fred was carrying a gift certificate for a free haircut.  Darrel had given the gift certificate to Fred at his high school graduation.  Fred Slater graduated high school the same year that I did–1989.  Fred had kept this gift certificate for 27 years.  It was even preserved in the original envelope; therefore, the certificate still looked new.  The local newspaper came and took pictures.  I’m sure there were many laughs.  But the ironic part of this story is that it has been decades since Fred Slater has paid anybody to cut his hair.  

And if you don’t know any Ray Stevens’ songs, you might want to look them up.  Good times.