Good morning

     It’s another Saturday morning.  Little bit nippy outside, but it sounds like its going to be a whole lot nippy the next day or two.  Better put 2 or 3 blankets on the wethers.  I would recommend blanketing does as well. 

     I was the only one at home last night, which meant I had to fend for myself.  Therefore, I headed to Gage.  This isn’t the cleanest town in the world, but they have a place called Charlie’s Bar & Grill.  They make a killer good steak there.  You don’t want to be in a hurry if you go there, but the wait is worth it.  Plus, the extended wait is good for beer sales.  After we were done eating, several people at the neighboring table fired up some cigarettes, otherwise I would probably still be there.  I just can’t handle cigarette smoke anymore.  If you ever come look at goats at the Kelln Kompound and you want a steak or burger and have time, we can probably go to Charlie’s.  Just make sure you have a driver to get you home.

     I’ve been plenty busy at work, which is good.  But I have made time to test some of the new toys that we have recently gotten in.  The remote control gator is pretty cool.  Cool enough that Duke has one, which is to say, that I also have one.  I did have our service department come get my tractor and do some work to it before the warranty expires.  They got it done yesterday, so they loaded it up on the semi, as well as the Dragon Lady’s riding lawn mower.  Seeing a riding lawn mower on the back of a semi is always interesting.

     I took off Thursday afternoon and hauled scrap metal to Shattuck.  I am becoming quite knowledgable as to the terms prepared or unprepared steel, grade1 or grade 2 copper, cast aluminum, clean aluminum or dirty aluminum and brass.  Also covered electrical copper and electric motors.  I might have also taken several bags of aluminum cans.  There was even a pop can or two in those bags.  When all the sorting was done, they cut me a check for $585. 

     I also spent time getting estimates on my pickup and trying to get the roof deal finalized.  I’m having to learn about class 3 and class 4 roofs and why they cost more and how a class 4 roof might save some insurance premium.  This kind of crap drives me nuts, which is probably why there were several bags of cans to haul off.

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