Good Days!

       The great thing about agricultural-related industries is that a bad day may yield good days.  Yes, it may take weeks, even months to realize that it WAS a good day.  Sometimes, it is hard to realize that a bay day was actually a good day.  Mark it down in your little books of important stuff.  1-9-16 was a good day in this old fart’s year.  

      Mother Nature dumped a couple inches of white stuff on paradise.  It was real slick.  There was a pig jackpot.  We went, but didn’t show. Actual story is short, but I can make it long.  No problems.  Not mad.  Just good.  The months of March and April may show that this was a good day.  We will see.  

      And to add to the suspense, less than 5 months from now, we will see the results of today’s goat matings that happened in the cold, white, wet, muddy environment that we call home.  It will either work or we willl wish that it would have worked.  

      No matter what the results, today was a way better day than it should have been.