Good day

to all. I found myself at the house later in the morning than I usually am. I have to deliver parts and look at some trade ins and I need some daylight for that. Looks like it is going to be a little bit cold this weekend. That shouldn’t stop anybody from attending the champion’s choice jackpot. Plenty of heaters in that barn. And if you blanket goats properly when you get home, it won’t hurt the wethers any. Be careful of using heat lamps. Goats are curious and will break the bulbs, eat the cords, etc. if you don’t have the lights caged properly. We don’t use heat lamps on our wethers. Shed, enclosed huts in each pen and you guessed it, blankets.


Three songs that everybody gets in a better mood when they hear them.

–Amazing Grace

–Star Spangled Banner

–Happy Birthday.

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