Good Day

      A lot of what we accomplish in our day to day life depends on our attitude.  I am well aware that most of the time my attitude seems pretty negative.  However, my actiions are positive.  For example, if you read this or listen to me talk about the financials of the goat industry, I seem/sound like I want no part of this business.  Yet, my actions (or lack thereof) show that I am not getting out of the business.  And those of you that know me, understand that I am not going to do this deal just because I enjoy raising goats.  I don’t enjoy does, but I do like the babies, bucks and the people in the industry.  I don’t enjoy losing money (and although it costs me a lot to raise a goat, I’m not losing money) and there are tax benefits of raising an animal such as a show goat.  

      The point—There is money to made in this business.  But, there must be an investment to start with.  Don’t go try to buy a cheap goat, then breed it to another cheap goat and expect to sell a $10,000 goat.  Won’t happen.  Why?  Well, think of it this way.  If you breed one POS (that would be Piece Of Shit) to another POS, why would you expect to get anything other than another POS.  Doesn’t matter what species you are in.  Even human propagation.  The breeding of POS’s will result in more POS’s.  

      Do your homework.  Make an investment.  Have a plan(s) breeding, marketing, showing.  Put in the work.  Reinvest your income into facilities and breeding stock.  Keep at it a couple of years and then it will work.     

      I had a really good day in the industry today.  I went to work.  Then, met my mom for lunch, then headed to the TX and OK panhandle for business.  I got back to the store before closing.  I looked up at work and I had a goat industry GIANT show up this evening.  He came to the house and looked at babies.  Duke then showed him his wethers, then we headed out west to look at Taylor’s wethers and BARROWS.  Then we went to supper.  Wives, kids, friends, etc.  I love it.  There was as much talk about daughters moving off as there was about goats.  I was pleased that Duke and Bree both were able to show their wethers like it mattered.  It wasn’t like he was going to offer any feeding or showing advice, but I like to let others see things.  We aren’t going to a show this weekend or next, but at least both kids were on their game.  Oh, and Britt’s hogs look nice.

      Got a message today that a Joe Dirt wether was 3rd in class at Denver behind the res. grand.  Had another message that a class winner was out of a Freak On A Leash daughter.  It sounds like there was a good set of wethers at Denver this year.  People will drag to a top notch judge.  I would have liked to have gone, but it just didn’t work out.  

     Here’s to all of you out there that keep a positive attitude about things.  Hats off to those of you trying to raise a good goat.  And I raise a glass to all of you that are trying to help a kid find a good path in life.