Good day

Not everything was perfect today, but it could have been worse. Been trying to get the new barn done. Had some good help ready to run some lightning from one barn to the new one. I grabbed some digging utensils to find out how deep the water & electrical lines are so that the ditch witch ( built in Perry, OK) didn’t cut ’em. First, the ground is hard. Second, I ran into tree roots. As I was using my PHDs to cut through the roots, I found the water line. A trip to the hardware store and the leak is fixed. Now, the ditch is dug. The lines are laid. & at some point, it will all get hooked up. My Top Shelf electricians are in charge & we’re on their timetable. All I know is that I’m not hooking it up. Meanwhile, I moved heavy bred does into the big barn, trying to be pro-active towards this nasty weather headed our way. For the 4th day in a row, the weather was off the charts good here in paradise. Speaking of Ditch Witch, I’ve got an old buddy that works there taking care of the Super Witch–Don Pemberton. He has been known to answer to “short shit”. Google/you tube the super witch. Ditcher that digs 100 ft/minute and will ride wheelies. Pretty cool deal. For that matter, there is a pile of goat people that get a paycheck from Ditch Witch. Here’s to all of you hard working Americans at Charles Machine Works in Perry, OK. I just hope productivity doesn’t go in the tank–Big I & Ring, this means you. Have a good one & keep calm.