Going Off, Monopoly and other such crap

I have this blog for two reasons.  And both reasons are for my own use.  However, there are benefits and downfalls to me having this blog.  I shit-u-not.  I am very aware of the downfalls.  But, here we are.  Still at it.

I also realize that there are 2, maybe 3 reasons, that any of you people read this stuff.  1–The chance that u might learn something.  2–cheap entertainment and 3–most are hoping, waiting for me to go off sideways on something.  Normally, something goat related.

Those of you that read this, yet don’t actually know me, should know that you do not have to wait for me to type something to have an opinion.  It is way more entertaining in real life.

Shout out to the Ulysses flash.  You are correct about the Rudolph blog.  In 1964, they showed Christmas commercials.  Now, the squeaky wheel has pushed for these to be holiday commercials.  Not in this household.  I can have a holiday at any point that I want but Christmas is and always will be Christmas.  And if any of you don’t like that, I have a donkey that I would like for you to kiss!

Lately, I’ve found myself pondering what Duke’s show career would have looked like if he and Kela would not have been 10 years apart in age.  Call it getting old or just too many miles on the odometer.  It is hard to be a parent and keep kids competitive for two decades.  But, Tammy and I find ourselves at the threshold of that very fact.  In 2000,  Kela showed at OKC (not yet called OYE) for the first time.  She drove the champion Chester barrow.  In 2009, she concluded her show career with a res. div. 4 wether goat at OYE.

In 2010, Duke showed at OYE for the first time and was 2nd in class behind the grand.  He was 6th overall.  He won div. 4 the next year, a res. div. the next 2 years, a couple of reserve grands at the state fair, grands at 2 different District shows, a couple of division champs at Tulsa, a reserve grand goat at Phoenix, a grand and reserve grand barrow at Phoenix, a bronze goat at OYE and made the sale at OYE in 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & then the skid mark.    In the words of Sam Barton,  “Better than most, not as good as some.”  This list is not what makes Duke Kelln.  And I am glad.

Tammy and I both feel and welcome the end.  Tammy was kind of like Frodo, near Mount Doom.  All but done.  I may or may not be like Samwise Gamgee when picking her up and carrying her to the finish line.  Actually, Tammy and I were both kind of hoping that Duke was done.  But….

Every year, we have asked our kids, “Do you want to show and why?”  If they didn’t want to, they better have a good reason why.  If they wanted to, they better have goals.

April of 2018, Tammy and I were fine just limping off into the sunset.  We didn’t have anything left to prove.  But Duke was the one that wanted to keep going.  He picked us both up and kept this deal going.  At that time, Duke and I were at war.  Grades, attitude, reckless driving, increased insurance, etc., etc., etc.   I’m sure that Daniel, Jake and my parents would say that it was a genetic thing.  Mentally, something triggered in Duke.  And now, here we are with very few goats on feed and very realistic goals.  Win, lose, goals achieved or not, we will complete 20 years of showing exactly the same as we started, as a family.  That’s it.  I may have mentioned this before. I don’t know.  Don’t care.  But it is something that is on my mind.

Now, do not ask me if we are going to miss being stock show parents.  Right now, the answer is no.  But, given time, I bet that will change.  We have both enjoyed dealing with many, many kids.  I’ll just be glad to not be the one signing checks.  I do know that NOBODY has ever done this deal as successfully as we have, for as cheap as we have done it.  Except for our own kids. We didn’t do it cheap.  We wrote checks.  Our checks helped others afford their animals.  Basically, I’m a dumb ass.  It is a very limited number of breeder(s) that actually took care of my kids.  They ALL wanted and took my money but there were some acts of kindness by a few that will NEVER, EVER be forgotten.

As for a monopoly.  I know the game.  I understand the game.   There was a time when I was way ahead of most in this goat game.  Better feeders, feed, showmen and goats.  Then, then the world tilted.  But we kept near the top for another 5 or 6 years.  Kept it clean, no dirty pool.  Proud of that.  Let me reiterate that fact…Very proud of that fact.  (Every time I hear the word “reiterate” I think of Barclay Holt.)

Now, I am fine being on an island.  Just doing our own thing.  We are so isolated that we had to start our own campfire.

But, I sit and ponder the goat game that I have studied since 2003.  The monopoly that currently exists is unparalleled in any major stock show species.  Sure, you can rattle off some/most big breeders and odds are they are part of the monopoly.  May not be advertised, but things happen.  Right or wrong.  It is what it is.  I don’t have a problem with that.  But more often than not, the almighty dollar takes precedence.  I like a dollar, I really like 2 dollars but those dollars do not add up to who I am or what I aspire for my kids.

The problem that I have is the lack of information or wrong information about genetics that comes from that monopoly.  “Sure, rent this buck for this many doneros but you ain’t going to know what he truly is.”  Or “He’s a such and such back on an old school deal.”  That is bullshit!  People need to know genetics.  If a “rental” buck works on their does, they should be able to track that buck back down and if the renting party did their part, have a shot at leasing that buck again.  It should not be a bull shit game ran by chicken shit people.  And if the shoe fits…..

“Genetics!  Hheenh!  You don’t need to know no stinking genetics!”

I may be wrong, but I’m guessing that 80% of the industry does not truly have a clue about their genetics.  A bunch are now saying “Not me.”  I call BS.  I’ve got some name brand does that I bought this summer that I, NOR the name brand breeder(s) actually know what they are.  900 grandson, Blindside grandson, double bred Absolute, throw in some Tattoo and then back on some 191 or Animal does.  Who knows?  Nobody!  Cuz that dude ain’t that smart to keep track of all of that.  Nope. Scary smart? Yes.  But not that smart when u are just marketing to the masses.  What is the phrase, “Loose lips”?  Something else, like, maybe a RATT song.  “Slip of the lip. Sink ships.”  I don’t know.  Yeah, I do. You should.  If you wrote a check to any of those ass hats then you better know.

(sum kool buck names–that dude, ain’t that smart, Who knows?)  Can I copyright these?   Ah, heck.  Feel free to use anything you can glean from this page of extensive knowledge.

I know, I know, the papered folks are now reading this and going, “We know what our stuff is!”  BS.  There are as many liars there as anywhere else.  Papered goats couldn’t wait to get their hands on something with wether genetics, yet somehow papered.  Hunh?!  Sounds like boardwalk to me.

I like to follow genetics but in all reality, this monopoly has watered them down and made them unimportant.  One only needs to be able to list a standout grandfather or even great-grandfather.

Yes, this is not a new thing in the livestock industry.  But I do think it is worse in the goat world.  Why?  A board game…  Monopoly (damn good bull,  by the way).  Breeders, judges, show officials, judging contests–all tied to one source.   That is a monopoly.  And NO monopoly EVER lasts.  Integrity, however, can last forever.

Let me end with this.

I understand the value of a dollar.  Mine, as well as yours.

I understand the value of education, no matter the level.

I understand the value of ethics.  Period.

I understand the value of goals–achieved or not.

I understand the value of family.

I understand the value of knowledge.

I am not fueled by greed, pride or vengeance.

I understand that one cannot value all of the above.

I understand what parts that I can handle and therefore, pass those values on to others.


Just some random Thursday evening crap to make you think.  Feel free to come to Fargo, OK and look at stock or visit.  Goats, big cattle, mini cattle or just pet these dang corgi dogs.  Our repeat customer traffic is good.  Even though it is a long way to Fargo for most.  But, the hospitality is wicked awesome!   Some visit once and buy year after year..sight unseen.  Our repeat customer base, is extremely high.  Why?

I understand.  So does Tammy.  That makes we.  Small island.  Just better.

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