Goats on Ice

     The weather has been fairly crappy in this part of the world.  We recieved about an 1″ of rain on Thanksgiving Day.  Then it froze, then it sleeted on top of that and then we got a little bit of snow.  Friday was kind of a slippery kind of day.  But it wasn’t that cold and the wind was mild.  Then Friday night we got another layer of frozen rain.  Then Saturday night we got another thin layer of frozen rain.  The ice is thick and it is slippery.  I feel like watching the Empire Strikes Back so that I can watch the planet Hoth scenes to compare.  I might need to get me one of those Tauntauns to travel around this frozen planet.

       Thankfully, the Dragon Lady bought Duke and I some cleats for our work shoes.  We’ve had them for several years but hadn’t needed to use them.  But now, I am glad to have them.  They work great.  I have motivated all over the place without a slip.  Of course, they sound like baseball spikes on concrete when walking into the grocery store to get milk.

     I will admit that I have had some enjoyment watching doe kids bust their butts on the ice.  For as nimble as these creatures are, they don’t handle ice well at all.  They know it is slick but they still come running for a feed bucket.  Even though there is feed in the troughs of the self feeder that I was filling.  Everything can get inside and stay warm, but when they come out onto the ice rink, it turns into a Will Ferrell-like “grublets on ice” with goats sliding, busting their donkeys and some just standing there afraid to move.  

     We had a flush scheduled for the 29th.  But the Kiwi in charge of performing the flush decided that he couldn’t navigate in this weather.  Oh well.  I don’t have to write a check, have the disappointment of another sub-par flush and I do know where my bottle of lutalyse is located.  I am sure that the results of this flush would have been a big, steaming pile of dog crap as 1) the donors and recips were already stressed as a result of the weather and 2) most flushes are exactly that–a flush of hopes, dreams and cash.  Even though we didn’t flush, there was still a pile of effort in the protocol and dollars spent on CIDRs, drugs and paraphanelia.  It still cost me $s, just not as much as the usual disapointment.  Thinking positive.  

     Man alive!  That was an ass-beating that ou put on the Okie State Cowboys.  That butt kicking felt like the Barry Switzer days.  There was no doubt which was the better team.  I fell asleep in the 3rd quarter hoping that something would change.  Unfortunately, I woke up as the gooners scored again to make it 58 points.  Throw in a last minute Notre Dame loss and it wasn’t a good night for the teams I watch.  

       Keep your critters warm.  Make sure that they get a good drink.