Goat Notes

Just a few notes about goats–does and dont’s.

I hate it when it happens, but it does.  New showers need to make sure that halters properly fit their new projects.  The nosepiece needs to be as close to the eyes as possible.  NEVER walk away from a goat that is haltered and tied to a fence.  It doesn’t take long and they can choke themselves down.  

We’ve been fighting some spots on babies eyes.  We tried several medications with no luck.  Then we went to using Quartermaster, which is a mastitis med for cows.  Squirt the creamy liquid into the corner of their eye until it coats the eye.  Very good results. And it doesn’t hurt the kid.

Every doe on the place is getting a vaccination of Calvary 9.  They are also going to get a shot of multi-min, wormed and a copper bolus.  Some hooves will also get trimmed.  I am sure some will be deemed acceptable until a later date.  CIDRs are going in.  

There are a few ready-to-use bucks for sale or lease.  

It is still green here in paradise.  Usually, it is a 100 plus and brown.  Not this year, mid 90s, high humidity and green.  It has rained a bit, every day for the past 6 days.  

We had an election day in Oklahoma.  I enjoy exercising my right to vote.  With all of the great Americans that we have in this country, how did we end up with these numb nuts that will be on the ballot come November?  It is an easy decision for me as to who to vote for.  I want nothing to do with that despicable democratic candidate.  I would rather stab myself in the eyeball with an ice pick than have to vote for hillary.  

Good luck on your upcoming flushes.