GO Juice

GO Juice is now available.  You can get it wherever Statewide distribution delivers feed.  Or from Troy B. Or I keep some of it on hand.  

What is GO Juice?  GO stands for Gamma Oryzanol.  This is an active ingredient found in rice bran oil.  The Special K GO Juice is an extremely pure form of gamma oryzanol added to rice bran oil.  

We have fed GO Juice for years.  It was a different brand that is also very high quality.  I always felt it was completely over-priced.  We have spent time & effort studying the nutrional side of gamma in a ration.  And realized changes needed to be made.  The other brand was developed for a 1,200 # horse.  An animal can only utilize a certain amount and the rest is simply bypassed out of their system–unused.  Ours is designed for a 75-150 goat/lamb.  If you are bringing a horse to a goat show, then feed the other stuff.  If you are feeding goats, then GO Juice is what you need.  Ours is roughly the same price for a GALLON versus their 1/2 gallon.

How do we feed it?  We use a cement mixer to mix our rations.  I mix 7 gallons of Special K feed at a time.  I also add Vindicator at the recommended level.  Then 1 squirt (1 ounce) of GO Juice per gallon of feed.  If you are needing to add cover, increase the amount of GO Juice.  I would not recommend over 2 squirts per gallon as the feed will be too wet and most goats don’t like wet feed.  If feeding does, I would recommend 1 1/2 squirt per gallon of feed.

Wethers need to be exercised while being fed GO Juice to fully optimize use.  I also recommend exercising does.  Would I recommend feeding GO Juice to does?  YES!  Tori Sessions and Braden Schovanec’s does have always been fed utilizing gamma.  

GO Juice will aid in achieving the “touch” and “handle” that you hear judges refer to when picking their champions.  It will help the hide.  Wethers fed GO Juice respond to “holdling” rations and higher exercise levels while still being “fresh”.  

Does it work like paylean?  No.  It is nothing like paylean.  It will not immediately POP muscle.  It is completely legal for all species, unlike paylean, zilmax or any of that other crap that you don’t need..  

Will it work miracles?  NO!  You need a quality animal on a quality feed & exercise program.  Nothing takes the place of hard work and knowledge.  It is simply the little extra that most are looking for.  It will increase the palatabilty of a feed ration and aid in feed conversion.  

Can you feed it to “bloom” sale goats?  Yes, you can.  I don’t because I like goats to get better after they are in their new home and I don’t know what kind of feeding program they are going to.  There are no adverse side effects or crashes associated with GO Juice.  It does not work overnight.  I would not recommend drenching with this.  It is extremely high in fat and can possibly cause an adverse reaction to their digestive system.  In other words, too much could give them the shits.  It is designed to be a feed additive.

How long have we fed a gamma product?  Longer than most of you Okies have been in the goat business.  Kela, Slaters, Schovanec, Greenroyd, Sessions, Duke, Taylors, Comstock, etc, etc.  It isn’t new technology, but we have improved it to fit your goat program.  


p.s.  Chickens, as in the Tulsa broiler chickens, do extremely well on it.