Go ahead….Make my day!

     First of all, I would like to congratulate the Taylor family on a very unique 3peat.  These girls had the grand wether at the 2012 Ellis County Fair, then won the 2013 Ellis County Spring Stock Show and today, they won the 2013 Ellis County Fair.  Although not uncommon for a family to win 3 counties in a row, it is VERY uncommon for somebody to do it all 3 times, with the SAME wether.  Yes, he has a little age on him as he was an April born 2012 191/100 from Helms.  He also was 2nd in class at the Lone Star Elite and the Champion’s Choice Jackpots, 3rd in class at OYE and was the Grand overall wether at the 2013 Woodward District show.  I bet he still has another show left in him.  

     I came in from doing chores and turned on the boob tube.  Didn’t see any special football games that I needed to see, but I turned it to AMC and there he was, the Outlaw Josey Wales.  

This brings up the question, what are top Clint Eastwood movies?

With respects to the Dirty Harry movies, Hang ’em High and a Fistfull of Dollars, these are my personal favorites.

10–Pale Rider

9–Kelly’s Heroes

8–High Plains Drifter


6–Gran Torino

5–Paint Your Wagon

4–Any Which Way You Can

3–Every Which Way But Loose

2–Outlaw Josey Wales

and without a doubt, and one of the absolute top movies of all time–#1–The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.