Gladness & Sadness

I’m Back!!!  I apologize to those that have clicked to here looking for something.  But I have had way too many irons in the proverbial fire.  Something had to give and guess what…this blog was it.

I have a lot of gladness that the State FFA convention is done.  YESSS!!!!!    I’m glad to be done with CDE contests, proficiency awards, speech contests, star interviews, scholarship apps, entry deadlines & on & on & on. I’m done for a bit.

I have exceptional gladness for some of the kids that I get to work with.  I’m not saying that you don’t deal with good kids.  I’m just saying that I get to deal with a whole bunch of damn good ones.  I’ve got stories, moments and pics to back me up.  Might even be a tear or two involved.

I’m glad that, today,  I did my own chores.  The Dragon Lady has kept things running.  I’m glad for her help.  There is a lot of gladness that graduation is oh, so near.

We are exceptionally glad that when it comes to our parents health, that tests come back clean.  Tammy & I aren’t getting any younger which means that our parents are….well….they are doing their best to hold their age. So far, it’s all good.  Thank GOD!!

I do have sadness.  I have sadness as to how some of our politics work.  I have sadness about day2day things that aren’t right.

I have sadness that there are first-timer does that don’t want to be a good mother.  (this is two fold—1) I don’t like it.  2) There isn’t a close kill plant to get rid of crappy doe. )

I also got a phone call telling me that Chewbacca was dead.  What?  Wait? NOOOOO!!!!   Peter Mayhew passed away.  He was the big dude inside the hairy suit.  7’2″ of a big dude.  George Lucas wanted somebody that would be bigger than Darth Vader.   Think about that.  When Lucas was writing this crap, he realized that somebody on the good side had to be bigger than the evil.  And he made it a character that used language that only a few could understand.  Everybody likes and knows Chewbacca.  Truly a transcendent character.

But, I still have gladness.  I am truly glad to deal with the kids and parents that I get to deal with.  Why?  Those people make me a better person.  Well, most of them.

And how cool is it that Chewbacca will be remembered for decades.  ICONIC.  Is he the best Star Wars character?  Han Solo is the epitome of cool but Chewie makes Han look cool. Hard to beat Vader, Yoda or R2D2.  No matter your opinion, there ain’t no arguing  Chewbacca is the best.


I think that I will go pull that Chewbacca onesie out of the closet that Lexi Vanderwork and Chesley Comstock brought me several years ago.  Here’s to Chewbacca and cool chicks with wicked awesome gifts.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Dude’s, I can promise you that I will.  It’s all good .



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