I’m just a little bit giddy on this fine Friday evening.  I’m not talking all stupid giggly kind of giddy.  But there is dang sure a bounce in my step and an up beat attitude.  Things just seem a little better right now.  Why, you ask?  I will gladly tell you. 

     I was going to head south to the little Fiesta deal in Angelo.  Coudn’t do it.  Just too many irons in the old proverbial fire.  I punted.  I wanted to go, but I’m also glad that I didn’t.

     I am a little amped as we have a sale on Monday.  Yes, the Best of the West sale will be Monday at the Woodward County Fairgrounds.  Lunch at 11. Sale starts at 11:30.  Tyke and Big Bill will have the way good brisket ready for lunch.  No ham sandwiches here.  The lunch will be good. REAL good.  And the goats will be even better.  There will be about 40 wethers and 10-15 doe kids.  I haven’t sold many doe kids this year, but we are  bringing a dang good 3 Amigo doe kid that has the parts.  There will be winners sold on Monday.  

     Sunday evening is shaping up as usual.  I’m sure that I will end up threatened to be on my best behavior.  I’m already resigned to the fact that I have to act right.  I can already smell Marla’s seasonings in the bawling pot with the shrimp, mudbugs, sausage, taters, corn, etc. etc. etc.  Whew!  Yes!  Look out wing dings.  Rusty might get a little wound!  Boys and girls, I, Chris Kelln, am here to tell you that there ain’t no might in that hound. Rusty WILL get wound!  We will spread some newspapers for him.  

      And now for the real reason that I am giddy.  Tammy and Duke are at Will Rogers Airport in OKC.  They are picking up a package.  And that package is our Kela.  She is now in Oklahoma and headed home to paradise.  The world traveler will be here.  YES!!  She has logged a million miles and been to continents that I have only seen on a globe.  She still has a bedroom here.  But, she no longer has a little brother.  And, I am pretty sure that Sasha won’t remember her.   

       Why was I giddy?  I’m dang sure that I am happy that we will have the Best of the West, wicked good, killer quality kind of sale on Monday.  I am AMPED to have a Marla orchestrated shrimp “bawl” on Sunday.  I love dealing with good friends and having a large time.  Always.  But, yes, I have that stupid father kind-of giddy feeling just ready to have Tammy, Kela, Duke and myself all in one place-and that place is right here at the Kelln Kompound–address paradise.  

      I hope that all of you are in the same frame of mind that I am.  If you have any questions about the sale, please call or, if you need to text.  I will reply, just give me a minute or two.  Otherwise, get in a vehicle and head to Woodward, OK on Monday.  Great lunch, better goats.  Come on!