Giddy is a term that most people would NEVER associate with me.  Arrogant, a-hole, stubborn, boorish, stand-offish, grouchy are all terms that most would try to tie to me and my sunshiny personality.  I can address this.

arrogant–NO–I prefer extremely confident in my own abilities.  I’ll brag about kids as well as others.  I’ll answer any question that any of you that have dealt with me asks me.

a-hole–yes, sure.  That one definitely applies.  I don’t care what others think of me.  I do care what they think of my family, kids, students and those around me.  As a result, I strive to make those around me better even if I end up looking like the donkey hole.

stubborn–can be.  But as soon as I see a better way, I’m there.  Most call me stubborn because they are scared to bring up a new deal.  I’m always looking to change.  I just don’t want to change until I know that I need to.  And if I’m right and know I’m right….yeah, than all of the terms apply.

Boorish and grouchy–however, if I’m bitching about something, there is a reason why and I’m probably right.  You may not want to hear it, but I’m right.  I’ve got a teaching partner that is learning how to exploit the stubborn, boorish and grouchy part.  If you are doing things right, I’m not those things.

Now back to the term Giddy.  Although very few people ever get to see me act giddy, I have truly felt giddy on several occasions in the past month.  No, it isn’t a senile deal.  My own mother has trouble telling if I’m giddy.  Tammy can tell, most of the time.  Lately, I truly have looked around and felt giddy.  I mean, literally thinking to myself, I can’t hardly sit still, holy crap, is this really happening…you know….giddy.

Example 1–I attended an OK Youth Expo ag mechanics committee meeting last month at the OYE office.  I was honored to be asked to be a part of this committee.  But then, while sitting there discussing the first ever OYE ag mecher show, I truly felt giddy.  Why?  Holy crap!   Why not?!?!?     For one, I was at a meeting helping chart the path for what will become a bad ass ag mecher show.  Second, I looked around the room at the ag mech legends that were on this committee.  Retired teachers that won nationals numerous times and now run ag fab businesses.  Others that are running area tech school welding programs.  Other outstanding ag ed teachers that specialize in teaching ag mechanics.  And, my dumb ass.  I’m supposed to be a goat guy.  I am honored to be a part of this deal.  But when Tyler Norvell told us that they were going to include the grand ag mecher in THE grand drive….hell, I was shaking like a yard dog trying to crap a peach seed.  The sheer excitement of the opportunities that are going to be made available to a whole new group of students…mine, yours, I don’t care….all of them.

Example 2–I attended a Woodward District Jr. Livestock Show Executive Committee meeting on this fine night.  This district show has proven to be a leader in how to do things on the district level.  They have built the BEST district premium sale in Oklahoma.  They have also been progressive in hiring judges that need used from anywhere in the US of A.  In turn, this show is being used as a staging show for majors.  It is cool.  Next, the Woodward District Show was the first in Oklahoma to start an ag mech show.  This helped jump start the OYE deal.

Now, for tonight.  I can say that I have known everybody on this committee.  I’m not the oldest nor the youngest.  But, I sat there tonight looking around the room.  Some of these are contemporaries of mine.  I like and respect them.  I’m glad to work alongside them.  Others have been running this show for several years and have helped build it.  But, there are a few that were teaching & coaching when I was showing back in the 80s.  Mike Weber and Randy Pullan are friends of the Kelln family.  But, I have and do look up to these dudes.  True stockmen that understand livestock and kids.  Now, I will gladly argue with either of them but these guys are normally going to be right and bring sound, honest judgement to the table.  I’m all in.

Then, there is a guy that even they look up to.  The general superintendent of the Woodward District Jr. Livestock Show is Larry Moore.  Yes, that Mr. Moore that has raised piles of great hogs, wicked sheep and any of you that know him will agree that the term Livestock Legend applies.   I might be a borderline arrogant, a-hole that can be grouchy and boorish but I know when there is a more experienced voice in the room that without a doubt will always try to do the right thing for the kids and then the adults involved.

This last spring at the Woodward District show, the honorees for the show were Larry Moore and Tom Lamle (another legend).  I was the kid that got to deal with the cool chicks (Denise & Nancy) for the logistics of the awards.  How cool?  WAY COOL!

So, yeah, I sat there looking around the room, feeling a bit giddy tonight.  I showed at this show when I was a kid.  Both of our kids showed here.  My students show here.  And here I am, sitting with these people, helping to make decisions to benefit this show.  Giddy–hell yes!  Did I show it?  NO!  But I don’t care who knows.  Weber will probably read this.  Somebody will call Pullan and tell him to read it.  Larry Moore, he doesn’t have time to read this crap.  And if somebody tells him about it, well, he’ll kind of grunt, sideways grin a bit and go back about his business.

Now, for the question—is it good for me to be giddy?   HOLY heck yes!    If somebody is giddy, they are excited to be doing this deal.  I’m wound up about both deals.  I mean WOUND!!!  Now, for you smart son-of-a-guns that are reading this and asking “What does Kelln bring to these committees?”  I can answer that.  First off, without sounding arrogant, a lot of high level experience with all classes and species of livestock as well as ag-ed competitions.  Second, a willingness and desire to work with others to make these shows great.  Next and not necessarily, last….an abrasive SOB that is not afraid to do or say whatever, wherever in order to make these events as successful as possible for the kids and their families.

I guess I need a cool tag line to end this kind of blog.  I’d like to come up with something cool but I might be the least cool person in my own household.  Duke is at a Guns N Roses concert.  Kela works in Hollywood and has some wicked cool projects going.  Tammy is flying to California tomorrow.  Which leaves me, the dogs, a couple of chickens, some goats and cows here in paradise.  Horseshoes and shamrocks to all.  I hope all of you had a great day and a better tomorrow.  I’ll just leave you with this.



GIDDY up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Cuz if you aren’t a bit, well, you should be.

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