Getting Near

     Some fantastic dates are getting near.  The first one is a term that everyone can relate to, especially teachers and students–Christmas Break.  Next Friday brings that much anticipated day in Shattuck.  

       The new Stars Wars movie gets released later this week.  The Hollywood box office records that this movie will generate will be retarded.  Duke and I have our tickets and are primed.

       Speaking of Hollywood, Tammy heads to Cali later this week.  Her and Mindi Clark are meeting Kela out there for a concert.  They will have a large time.

      Another important holiday day is rapidly approaching.  It isn’t long until Festivus.  If you are ever only going to watch one Seinfeld episode, “The Strike” is the one to watch.  There is a lot about this made up holiday that I like.  “The tradition of Festivus now begins with the airing of grievances.  I got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re going to hear about it!”–Frank Costanza

      I spent the weekend shuttling kids to OKC.  MFE and ALD leadership conferences were held this Sat. & Sun.  We hauled a load down there on Saturday.  We picked them up at noon today.  We then headed to The Cattleman’s in OKC.  This is one of the iconic steakhouses in Oklahoma.  I know that some people like to eat cheap on school trips.  I may see it a bit diffferent.  Some of these kids may not ever get a chance to eat at a place like Cattleman’s.  And why do we mess with all of these fund raisers if we aren’t going to use it to expand our kids’ horizons a bit.  If we are going to juggle sausage, bacon, hams, ag mech projects, greenhouse sales, etc., the kids might as well enjoy the profits.  This was an outstanding set of kids that acted top notch.  Cattleman’s don’t take reservations, but they were very accomodating to a party of 24.  We had a stellar pair of waitresses.  Most of the kids tried the lamb fries and the house dressing.  The steaks were excellent.  As a side note bonus–a well-fed bus driver is more likely to want to spend a weekend helping in the future.  I don’t care what business you are in, take care of those that help you.  

      On a goat note, it is a wet, muddy, sloppy place around paradise.  I’m not complaining, but these animals DON’T like it.  We had a kid on Friday evening.  I had to pull him, but he is up and going.  Luke and Lexi spent Saturday night with Tammy and I.  They named this little goat “Leroy”.  I always cringe when kids name a young goat.  You just hope the goat makes it.  And as a result of having Lexi and Luke here, we had to have lego wars.  Several hours were spent with Luke and I building up our army to take on Lexi and Tammy’s army of lego soldiers.  I loved legos as a kid and they are still addictive.  I told Tammy, “Just please make sure they are all out of the carpet.  I don’t want to find one barefoot.”

       Here’s to hoping that you don’t step on a lego, barefooted, in the dark.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.