Get it straight.

The following aren’t my words but I agree with them.

They aren’t entitlements.  

Get it straight:  Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC…ad nauseum are not entitlements.  They are tax-payer funded handouts and shouldn’t be called entitlements.  Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits are entitlements because the people receiving them are entitled to them.  They were earned and paid for by the recipients.  


I kind of feel the same way about my doe herd.  Some of these does have earned their right to anything and everything around here.  A couple have lost their teeth and should be at a sale barn but nope they earned the right to hang around here and live in luxury.  These does are getting their veteran benefits.

While others haven’t earned it yet but they are the does that stand around screaming or get in the way or tear stuff up.  They are the ones that make me want to not have any does.  They just want their welfare handouts.


It is time for us to process does but I don’t want to do it by myself.  Duke is gone till later in the week.  Tammy and I do NOT need to work goats together.  So I’ll wait on Duke.  We will vaccinate, worm (valbzaen & prohibit mixed together), give multi-min and a copper bolus for every goat on the place.  We might even trim some hooves.  And as I look at the upcoming forecast, it is supposed to get hot 100+ for several does in a row.

A lot of times, I feel like I am writing a weather report and/or a food review.  In the spirit of that I did eat at a Five Guys burgers yesterday.  Really good burgers, great fries and you better be hungry–large portions.

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