With the recent passing of Gene Wilder, some of the stations have been showing “Young Frankenstein”.  I have always enjoyed this quirky movie.  Now, as I watch it, I catch all of the humor that I may not have paid attention to in years past.  Minor things such as Holy jeeminy…that is Gene Hackman as the blind dude. 

      I have always been a fan of Blazing Saddles.  Probably the best movie ever made.  U dang sure couldn’t make a movie like that in today’s climate.  Gene Wilder is one of the all time comedic geniuses. I just wish that he and Mel Brooks had made a movie about the goat industry.  Now that would be a comedy.  With lots of bleeped out language.

     Oh, and was Terri Garr in every 70s and 80s movie?  Not a problem. She has played in a lot of super successful movies.  Coincidence.. I think not.