There was a concert in the fall of ’89 in Gallagher-Iba Arena at Oklahoma State University.  Ricky Van Shelton was the headliner and Clint Black was the next most important act.  And introducing Garth Brooks. A couple of years later, Garth returned to Stillwater with a big concert.

      Dude, “Much too young to feel this damn old” is one of my all time favorite songs.  “The Dance” is one of my favorite videos and songs.  I have several unique Garth stories.  I like his music.  

I don’t like his politics but I respect that he has, for the most part, kept his politics out of his entertainment.  I wish other actors and artists would do the same.  There is some wicked cool Garth stories regarding him donating time, effort and $s.   The dude is legit.

Last night, we headed to Canadian, TX to feed Duke a steak.  On the way there, he decided that he wanted to go to the….wait for it….Stumbling Goat.   So, we did.  Good food but no live entertainment on this night.  Duke did buy some Texas lottery scratch offs (no winners) and he did drive home.  He didn’t have to, he wanted to.  Why?  Driver has control of the music.  If you know me, that means something.

So, I listened to his stuff.  Koe Etzel…not bad.  Turnpike Troubadors… okay.  Great Divide—–Hell Yeah!   Cross Canadian Ragweed…..Dude, you are in my wheelhouse at this point.  Wait…I know that voice….is that….on spotify…..well, yes….Panhandle Dirt.   COOOLLL!    And if you don’t know, the lead singer of Panhandle Dirt is Bowdy Peach.   He might have been to a wether goat show or three.     Garth….YES!   Which got us to talking about Bob Childers.  Which is a story for a later date.

Tonight, there was a concert on cbs with Garth.  Garth at Notre Dame.  Stadium tour kickoff.  Cool deal.  One day, sometime, I will go to a game at Notre Dame.  I’ve been waiting for Okie State to play there but that doesn’t look like it is in the works.  So, I may have to come up with some new strategery to have a justifiable excuse.  I digress.

Tammy and I watched this concert on tv tonight.  Several thoughts rolled through my skull.

1–Where does Garth rank amongst the greatest concert showman of all time?  I am going to say “3rd”.  With KISS being #2 and Elvis being #1.  Garth obviously was a fan and took notes from both.  Job well done since nobody took country music this high or as big as what Garth has done.

2–If you are as big a star as Garth, and you are in Notre Dame stadium, shouldn’t you end the show with a “Rudy” moment and get carried off the field?  IDK, just thinking…

3–I think I know where I want to go, to see Garth perform live, in a stadium.  Maybe it’s just me, but….Garth, in Tiger Stadium, in Baton Rouge, singing “Calling Baton Rouge” would be pretty bad donkey.  Plus, the day/week spent eating red beans & rice, andouille sausage and other cajun treats.  The first time that I ever had bread pudding was in Thibodeaux, LA.  Wicked bad ass.  A day later, I was in New Orleans looking at the white alligators.  Not albinos, these gators had blue eyes. Magical. Truly one of the coolest things that I have ever seen.

4–No matter what you think of Garth Brooks, his Xm55 channel is one of, if not the best, channel on radio.  Good tunes.

If you are in the Texas Panhandle or in NW OK, then you need to make a stop at the Stumbling Goat.  Greasy burgers and bad service is their slogan.  Take it from there.


And if you read that monopoly stuff and got pissed, well then, you might ought to read it again.  If you don’t know what the genetics are that you are leasing, well then, you are spending too much and you are probably walking  with a hitch after getting……

And the next line will be, “Let me take care of selling those for you”  which means, “since you don’t know the genetics anyways, I might as well control that part of your program as well.”  But, I’ll throw enough back your way that you don’t question it.

In the real world, that is called a pimp.

Tomorrow morning, I will get texts & calls asking me to stop, shut up…..   “We don’t want semen or bucks cheaper.   You are taking money out of the industry.”   No.   No.  I am not.  On the contrary.  Front row seats will cost more if they are dang sure good.  A sure-enough- good one will bring top dollar.   That common stuff that you are spreading, which needs a shot of penicillin, will de-value the market and put people out of business.

When these reproductive specialists can gaurantee 75% conception (heck, 50% would be great), then we can & should expect high $ for straws of semen.  Until then, the prices of unproven goat semen shouldn’t be so high.  However, high quality,  proven semen should be worth more.  If you are selling goat semen, there should be a motility test to back it up.  Not all collectors or sellers have standards.  There should be an industry standard.  If you buy from us and something doesn’t seem right, call.  My number is on the website.  Leave a message or text.  We will make it right. If not we, I will dang sure make it right.



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