Saturday was one windy, miserable son-of-a-gun outside.  I needed a day to get stuff done, but not much happened.  So, I watched the bedlam game.  It should have been a blowout, but ou doesn’t have a defense and Okie State does have an offense.  Which resulted in a close game.

The kicker isn’t good, the qb missed several throws including the most important one and at least Gundy went for the win.  Oh well.  Then I watched Notre Dame kick the once proud Florida State team.

I dealt with another game on Sunday.  I spent the entire afternoon nominating animals for OYE.  $20 bucks a pop.  Plus nominating extra which means we will have to enter extra adds up to a lot of $s.  It’s all just a game.    There are some that spend more on their nominations and entries than what most pay for their animal.

All the stock has full tanks and fresh hay.  Supposed to be a snow coming this way.  Sounds fun.  Have a good one.

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