Future of goat shows

     I saw the future of OK goat shows last evening.  

     I traveled near Carnegie to drop a goat off at Schneberger’s piece of paradise.  I pulled into the drive, through the gate, through the goat herd, dodged a chicken and two dogs and pulled up to the barn.  Jared came out of the barn.  I walked around the trailer and here came the first one, the first of the twin boys.  This one was wearing shoes and clothes, but he was carrying a cold one for his dad.  Shortly after, the other one came around the trailer, super hero underwear, carrying a cold one for me and barefoot–walking on GRAVEL!!  It would kill me to walk barefoot on gotebo rock like this Jared offspring was managing just fine.  I’m pretty sure that he has been borderline naked all summer as he is way tanned.  

      We sorted goats while these two were all over the barn finding chicken eggs and whatever else.  Later, his daughter came to the barn.  She is definitely more domesticated than her brothers.  She is ready to show for real, but she is only seven.  This trio is going to be fun to watch for years to come.  The future looks bright.

     The best part, when I left, I had a box of ribs from Jake’s Ribs in Chickasha and a dozen farm fresh chicken eggs.  It was a way good trip.