I have had a large time the past several days.  Nope…there wasn’t any parties.  Not many great stories.  Nothing but me living the dream.  I have fun just looking at good stock.  And I really like looking at good stock when dealing with great people.  Well heck, that’s just what I did the past several days.  

     I left paradise early on Thursday morning.  I headed south and crossed the Red River.  I picked up a passenger and then traveled to various goat-related stops in the great state of Texas.  We made numerous stops at breeders.  We looked at mature bucks, yearling bucks, buck prospects, wethers, doe kids and maybe even saw a snake or two.  

      I learned a lot.  I learned that almost ALL Texans band their kids WAY early.  I saw lots of really good goats.  There are lots of small, HIGH quality herds.  There are some really big herds that are raising a LOT of really good goats–DUH!  Some want to price goats and some don’t want to sell anything unless it goes through an auction.  All of them have a different feeding regimen than the other.  Cooper’s BBQ in Llano still knows how to smoke some meat. 

      Here’s what else that I learned.  Did I mention that Cooper’s could cook?  Black headed vultures will steal a day old kid from a momma.  Not many quick stops in south Texas keep Mountain Dew on tap.  Somebody is making a pile of cash AIing and flushing goats.  It is green from south Texas all the way to Fargo.  Some snakes are smaller than others.  There is a market for HIGH quality buck kids.  I did not miss a chance to ask if there was a chance. Like prom night, you don’t want to miss out on a chance.  So it’s better to ask if there is a chance than to miss out.  And Ralph Shafer is the same person that I met back in 2006–some things don’t change and for good reason.  I also know that I wish that we could have made more stops, but Mother’s day is a priority.  

      I had a large time just driving and looking.  And I drove every mile.  I also looked at every stop. Believe it or not, I can shut up and be a good student when need be.  I also stopped and looked at things that bring back memories.  Like the concrete drainage canal that Rainman is named after.  Sometimes, you just have to stop, look and realize that life is fun.  

       In order to reiterate, these past couple of days were fun.  I’m glad that I could make this venture.