Full Day

I’m not saying that I was any busier than you were.  I don’t even want to compare my days to others.  I just know that today was a full day.  I fired up the smoker early.  I haven’t been a brisket cook before, but I have been paying attention to others that do a dang good job with this non-prime cut of beef.  Tyke has always done a bang up job of smoking brisket.  Anyways, I smoked a brisket, a pork loin, some bologna and hot links. (It has become a requirement to fill space on the smoker with bologna).   Throw in some beans and we fed the county boys today.  Why?  These guys help take care of the Ag Farm, the county fairgrounds and any other thing around that they can help.  A meal is a simple THANK YOU to those guys!  

We wrapped up some shop projects.  The canned food drive is all but done.  The only thing left is to get the ice cream for the 5th graders since they brought the most.  I have almost had enough of hearing the creed recited.  Duke and AJ are excited that we castrated the last pigs tonight.  No, Duke nor AJ have show pigs, but they have held every pig this fall as I castrated and we vaccinated, wormed and whatever else you have to do to a pig these days, just to keep them acting like a pig.  

Then, home to do chores again.  I’m feeling the cold more so, than in the past.  Is it age, getting fat or is it this DAMN wind?  I am dreading this weekend as the weather experts are calling for some serious cold and wicked wind.  They never miss on this kind of forecast.  

Now, the SNL Christmas special is on.  How about those “Schwetty Balls”?  I know that it’s wrong, but it is still funny.  The dead pan delivery of Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin is epic.  Oh, wow!  That is an old clip of John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase lined up singing Winter Wonderland.